Japan Airlines 787 Business Class Sky Suites

It’s time to check out Japan Airlines fancy long-haul business class on the beautiful Boeing 787.

Flying from Melbourne Australia to Tokyo Narita this 9 hour flight is the perfect opportunity to test out the JAL SkySuite seats and their incredibly comfortable lie flat bed.

This business class flight review covers the lounges at Melbourne Airport, boarding, the Japan Airlines inflight service, the entertainment system and of course the JAL SkySuites.

This flight was filmed on JL774 from Melbourne to Tokyo Narita.

For more flight reviews please check out my channel or the links at the bottom of this description.

Route: Melbourne (MEL) to Tokyo Narita (NRT)
Length: 5,088 miles, 9 hrs
Flight: JL774
When: March 2018
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 registration JA838J – 3 years
Seat: 1H
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP55

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zakelwe says:

The top is completely pointless unless you have a dungeon at home and want to wear it with that mouth mask for perverted fun and games. Thanks for putting yourself through that for our benefit !

jim foster says:

I like Finnair, look forward to your review

Burns Night says:

That breakfast looked good. I’m used to eating lunch for breakfast though with the hours I normally work

Army men StopMotions says:

u are literally the best youtube ever please post more

Muhammad Farid Zaizakrani says:

It would be great if you could do a review of Malaysia Airlines’ brand new A350 business and first class seats!

i still dont want a channel says:

Of course you don’t know what you are doing at security as it differ at every one, USA shoes off, UK shoes on, why different?

Pad z says:

You can tell how much more confidence you have in front of the camera vs when you started. Your channel just keeps getting better! Thanks for not only a great trip report, but some good laughs!

Samuel Fitzgerald says:

this staggered 2-2-2 configuration seems like a fantastic compromise for business class if airlines don’t want to push prices up with a 1-2-1 layout. British Airways would do well to learn from JAL…

Richard Paulson says:

Hi Dennis, great videos. Will you do a flight review for the new London Heathrow to Perth Qantas route?

wintdkyo says:

One tip on security lines. Empty all of your stuff in your pockets and put it in your jacket pocket, zip it, and put it in the X-ray machine.

Noah Bowie says:

Try visiting Gatwick airport in London. The only thing you see for miles is the duty free

Also almost every time I fly I end up doing you rant in my head just with more swears.

And if you enjoy this configuration you should try to fly Oman Air, Gulf Air (787 only) or Korean Air (787 + 747-8 only) as they have the same fantastic Apex Suite business class

Global Flyer Jason says:

wow! The seats are really private like Korean Air’s 787 Business. BTW check out my Korean air review plz

Nachito sanz says:

Thanks so much for sharing- JAL looks extremely comfortable and one day I hope to experience them.

Kym Moulds says:

A great review as usual. Loved the JAL pyjarama top:-)

Seungjun Choi says:

Another great video! It would be great to see you review Korean Air! Looking forward to Finnair a350

alex2073 says:

Great video. Thanks!

Jeb Brooks says:

Great video! Really appreciate the shout out…what’s better than a good departure board? See you in the sky, Dennis!

wafzulmi52 says:

The JAL 2-2-2 offset window seats make soo much sense. Other airlines should take note especially BA and the atrocious cross-reverse layout.

José Aygretto says:

I saw Bunnik Tours building in Adelaide and I was like “huh, the name sounds familiar!” and then i realised it’s your company lol..

Ian Hamilton says:

5:52 Dennis Bunnik – Fashion Icon !

yvr2002rtw says:

I love the SkySuite. It’s like a much improved version of BA’s club world product except the window seats are forward facing. Now only if BA can improve and get better seats.

Bradley Harris says:

Dennis, I love you.

That is all. 🙂

Callie Masters says:

What about the toilets?! Did they have lots of buttons & built-in bidet?!

Travel kid says:

Your videos are so entertaining can’t wait for your Finnair video DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

Tuukka P says:

Yassssss, loved that rant! It’s totally true and if everyone would act so it would save time from all. Great video with your amazing sense of humor, Dennis!

David Stone says:

It’s a very tough call for me between ANA business class and JAL sky suites. At the end of the day I think the JAL suites on the 787 win.

mystiqueyes ps says:

Wat do you do for a living

Rayed Rahman says:

This is the first time I’ve seen you “hesitant” in PJs Mr. Bunnik! 😛 😛 Nonetheless another beautiful presentation. Hoping to see the A350 experience soon!

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