Is this the WORST BUSINESS CLASS to Europe?

Most business class flights from North America to Europe involve lie flat seats and fine dining. Many are even on the newest, flashiest airplanes in an airline’s fleet. That’s not the case with this flight from Boston to the Azores. Is this the worst business class to Europe?

Let’s check out a business class flight with Air Azores (a/k/a Azores Airlines a/k/a SATA) from Boston (BOS) to Ponta Delgada (PDL) on the island of São Miguel on the archipelago of the Azores, which belong to Portugal.

Air Azores (a/k/a Azores Airlines a/k/a SATA) offers one of the only business class cabins crossing the Atlantic without a lie flat seat.

As an “AvGeek,” I was excited about the 25 year-old Airbus A310 that served the route (CS-TGV), but it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea. There aren’t that many still left flying, so it promised to be very exciting!

The service, on the other hand, wasn’t going to be. It began negatively when I got yelled at before I’d even boarded and ended with an ungracious goodbye. It’s best described as “unpolished.”

But, what do you think? Watch this Trip Report video and leave a comment with your impressions!

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ClassicalPilot22 says:

And this is why I’m subscribed to your channel.

Renee Frosbutter says:

Thanks for this one going there on a trans-Atlantic cruise….cant wait

URanus says:

“You can fly with Ryanair”

Haha! Funny joke Jeb!

Riding With Jahv says:

no pictures of our terrible looking planes

Tecky Gaming says:

I like A310

HSMW says:

It was retired last week… 🙁

DennisBunnik Travels says:

Hi Jeb Well done, the Azores look amazing. I’m guessing there are not too many Air Azores reviews online so you’ll probably corner the market with this one! 🙂 cheers D

AhmetOzanalp says:

Mannnn i love A310

KS Goal Horns says:

I fly SATA Azores Airlines almost every year to Graciosa. I have to say the international branch is a lot worse than the Azores branch. I have been in some rough situations with the airline. They have updated their fleet and hopefully look like they’re finally figuring things out. They ended up retiring the A310s this past spring

Gaming With Mike says:

It should be Jet Brooks lol

tom hilfi says:

Never fly Air Azores again!
You are stil young , have only one life to live! This was ugly to watch. Fully understand why filming is not allowed. But business class ticket is for sure in range with competition. Take Delta every other time.

Creeperface says:

“This one started service with air afreak” um ok?

Evan Crayton says:

@JebBrooks Great video, you gave helpful insight, for people who would like to start traveling like myself. #Educational

Gideon Heydemann says:

if im travel on budget and knowingly its gonna be a not so good flying exp…i tend to visualize my destination instead and cant hold my self to arrive as soon as possible while keep talking to my self…well..its not a big deal…its only some hours flight…im gonna spend my money on the destination instead…gonna be fun…plug my ear and close my eyes…

OakleyHasAFoot 787 says:

I went to Boston from Portugal,.

Swiss39 says:

Can’t have a pic of the exterior of an aircraft absurd

JayJay Planes&Things says:

Air Transat still has 2 A310s

Airplane Engine says:

a310 is still alive?

Joey Paglia says:

Not worth it you can get those views litterally all up The Maine coast

Alain M. says:

The reviewer is a coward.

David Harris says:

I would love to fly on a 310

angelo t says:

Sata business class? More like ghetto class. The A321 can’t come soon enough.

Sérgio Freitas says:

Old review video, hope you still see this, I’m from Portugal, flew to Açores the first time this spring and let me tell you amazing experience there, and I flew with TAP from Porto so it was a solid flight, plus the flight attendants were very kind, I’m not one of taking loads of pictures or videos but I actually asked a TAP flight attendant if I could take pictures and she said yes with a pleasant smile, surprised to see rude employees like that… It’s no secret TAP is much much better than SATA overall. But the island itself, goodness me, it’s beautiful.

Truck Talk Videos says:

Just like me at Manchester of a Boeing 737-800 NG Ryanair ( here in the UK if your on public land no one not even the police can delete your photos )

fernando lopes says:

Azores Airlines has the best biusness class

Rafael Carvalho says:

You should fly in TACV 757-200 from Boston to Cape Verde, it’s a really nice place you should try it!!!!!

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