Is Lufthansa Really A 5-Star Airline?! Business Class Experience: A340 Munich-San Francisco

Lufthansa is now a 5-Star airline, according to SkyTrax. Is the experience really that good?

Disclaimer: I am incredibly grateful every time I get to fly business or first class. This review is purely a comparison to other 5-star airlines, so I apologize if I come off as pretentious or ungrateful 🙁 Thanks for watching as always my friends!

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More about the SkyTrax drama:

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Airline: Lufthansa, LH
Aircraft: Airbus A340-600
Flight number: LH458
Airports: Munich International Airport to San Francisco International Airport
Flight dates: January 9th, 2018
Seat: 7A
Route: Munich – San Francisco
Contact for general questions and business inquiries: info(at)

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Maxicãt03 - Aviation Hub says:

Brilliant review! Gave me a real insight, love the detail! Big like!

Carles Guillot says:

Thanks for the review, spot on! I think the main issue I have with LH is the business class seats which are clearly outdated. Many seats (though not the ones in this review) have a some sort of shared/centered foot rest (only separated by a tiny partition), unless you’re flying as a couple and don’t mind sleeping knee-to-knee with your neighbor, this seat arrangement is unacceptable. If it was not for their outdated A380, AF offers a far superior product on their 777 and 787 with the same seats as Cathay and great food options. How on earth could an airline without all-aisle-access in business class could be a 5-star airline? Skytrax lost any credibility here. And yes BA should be 3 stars, not 4. Maybe it’s time another organisation provides some credible ranking about airlines…

Hisam Tahir says:

have you ever flying with malaysia airlines ? or air asia airlines ?

Riccardo Corgna says:

On LH Business Class USB Charging isnt located near the charging port for normal charges. Its near the life water west at ur right 🙂

Fabum B777 says:

Lufthansa ist eine 5-Star Airline…..Da kannst du sagen was du willst !

Philip Robertson says:

People have some NERVE TO EVEN CONSIDER this airline a 5-star airline!!! Their First Class alone is rather plain, bland and unsophisticated. Trust me!!! My suggestion to anyone is save your miles and use them with an Asian airline like Singapore.

Gabriel Saloma Velázquez says:

Good you doing these critical videos. Both enthusiastic and critical approaches are needed, so well done!

Kushal Murthy says:

If lufthansa is 5 star, then why isnt emirates?

Stephen Fox says:

I am surprised that Lufthansa got a failing grade.It all looked impersonal and average to me and as for the disappearing air hostess,she probably tasted some of that carrot soup and was ‘in the washroom’ !

Stephen Fox says:

I am surprised that Lufthansa got a failing grade.It all looked impersonal and average to me and as for the disappearing air hostess,she probably tasted some of that carrot soup and was ‘in the washroom’ !

cruisinaltitude says:

Great Job Dan. Based on what you showed here, does not seem like a 5-star service I’m afraid.

the flyer says:

are you going to fly with widerøe’s new E190 E2?

MUC Spotting says:

In my opinion, Lufthansa is and will stay a 5 Star Airline forever in all Classes. Well, that´s maybe because I do often fly Lufthansa and if you do not, there could be a not that nice crew this time for example. I have always had a great experience on my Lufthansa flights;)

Joshua Loh says:

Fly sq

Augustya K says:

That was Munich Airport right ? In the beginning ?

James Goodwin says:

Please do Air New Zealand!

İrem Bakır says:

Please do Turkish Airlines!

X-Spot Aviation says:

LH is an excellent 4*Star Airline. I like them a lot. But 5*Stars? I was on a B747-400 flight in Business Class and in First Class some months ago. First Class – especially when departing from the FC Terminal in Frankfurt – was awesome. But in BC some rows had a 2-3-2 configuration. So if you take the usually high LH fares into account and then catch the middle seat in the middle row I doubt anyone would rate them 5*. Anyways, for sure the Business Class config is not the one and only benchmark when considering how good/bad an airline is. However there are some minimum standards I would expect from a 5* Airline and the current Business layout does not fully meet them unfortunately.

JaeyunJi says:

Great video ! Can you please compare KAL with Asiana ? So many people in Korea are fighting over which airline is better.

motty k says:

I remember my Swissair flight on a340, not having individual AC was horrible, you pay for a flatbed but can’t sleep because it’s so hot

Trong Huoa says:

So typical…German!

Robert Westheim says:

Lufthansa is buying this rating, they are very corrupt

Augustya K says:

The whole cabin, looks very MEH compared to Emirates or Etihad !

Alexxd_12 says:

whats the name of the Outro song?

Christian Volberg says:

I know a few Lufthansa Crew members, and even they think that Lufthansas fifth star is not worth it… I flew LH last month in economy and a month before BA in economy, I must say that the BA crew was much more friendly and their service better than at LH… Btw, is that your boyfriend traveling with you?! 🙂

Jelmer 106 says:

The food looks like econemy food. Only they served it on stone plates.

Brandon Shaw says:

Have you ever flown La Compagnie?

Félix Maltchinski says:

Can you make a video about my flag carrier Air Canada.

Thomas Batteux says:

Question here, yes LH received 5-star but if I remember correctly, their Business received the lowest rating compared to their Eco and First Class looking at the in-depth full review of the 5-star analysis. I agree with much of what you said but is it entirely fair to compare Qatar business vs LH business though? Especially since Qatar doesn’t have a first class (correct me if I am wrong), so Qatar has to amp up their “highest” class in order to have a fully competitive cabin.

Maximilian James K says:

Haha flew this exact 340 from Munich to NY last week

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