Is Air Koryo really 1 Star Worst Airline? Business Class Review Beijing to Pyongyang Tu-204

Currently, Air Koryo is the only 1 star airline on Skytrax. I want to review their flight to see are they really the worst airline in the world?

Business Class Review of Air Koryo Tu-204 from Beijing to Pyongyang

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Funny Thony says:


EnoxAG Gaming says:

Damn…NK looks creepy even from the sky…

Maria Oscarrianita says:

I thing Air Koryo not so bad. It’s nice

Demia Nus says:

The food is awesome..
Nice ……

MutoreoCookie says:

so no recording allowed on the plane right? THEN WHATS THIS SHIT STANDING IN THE ISLE AND EVERYONE WAVING AT THE CAMERA?!?! 5:35


Seems like many middle age men travelling alone?

jyc313 says:

hmm not bad. I’ve seen worse on United.

Amit Sharma says:

I just landed from an old Air France A330 from Delhi to Paris and believe me, i would any day fly with Air Koroyo now !!

Buddhist (Anhänger des Dalai Lama) says:

Ryanair is the worst airline regarding in-flight experience ! Air Koryo is compared to Ryanair a 5-star airline !

Alexander Curtis says:

All the amazing food and then FRUIT. Made me laugh

Abel Alvarado says:

Músic of terror

Lip Rex says:

Not bad , it can get a average rating

Yitzhak Shylock-Nase67 says:

What a dream…

Nick Yang says:

Kim jon Un Build the airport, Fact

Tymmothy Bernabe says:

It should be at least 2 star

RedPandaz says:

I wouldn’t think Pyongyang Airport would be so large, although it’s probably just more showing off. I don’t imagine they have much air traffic

Becca G says:

Ok so its not Emirates standard but not deserving of 1 star. I’d give 3 stars. North Korea is a developing country so to them that’s probably luxurious.

Unknown Substance says:

The waiting room+food at the airport didn’t look that great. I’ve experienced better tbh

Riyadh Ali Raslan says:

I have to be very honest, Air Koryo isn’t too bad for an airline that comes from a country that is… somewhat hated and memed around the world

SQTVS 9999 says:

Not as bad as some think!

Tymmothy Bernabe says:

Wonder why air koryo is 1 star airline

Nick Yang says:

At least the landing wasnt ryanaired

statinskill says:

Look, no matter what, it’s always going to be a one star airline when it’s going to an one star destination. Like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

der yyy says:

It’s better than Delta airlines,Air Asia or Malaysian airlines…it should be 3 star airlines…but western airline ranking companies gave it 1 star airline…lol

Gacha Bee UwU says:

Wtf when i was on a plane it took us like 10 seconds to lift up from the ground why did it take about 50 for them

昌巳 西田 says:


Jacob Enofre says:

The sound/song was Arirang(아리랑)❤❤❤

RedPandaz says:

The food actually looks alright, although it definitely is just more show exclusive to visitors

shufyomouf1984 says:

Omg is that Pat from SNL?!!! In the aisle seat?

Tecky Gaming says:

100% better than american airlines old 767

Floofy The Floof says:

better than what I fly

Mr_Seasons Gaming says:


iCHiLLiN says:

If I’m hearing this correctly, I heard Arirang playing in the background music, right?

puro says:

My life is a 1 star

Ssassen77 _ says:

5:40 bottom left corner, old mate having a blast

Chengzhi Liu says:

Can’t imagine this is a country where most of people are suffering from starving and poverty

Savage Pat says:

Not too bad

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