Free Business Class Upgrades, everytime

i travel for work. constantly. this video will only help you if you travel a lot, if you don’t fly a lot don’t watch rather than watching then going on and on about how im rich or whatever.

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this is only the surface. there are a lot more rules and factors and considerations and details and stuff. an education in airline status is the first step towards attaining airline status.

i ate 7 donuts tonight while finishing this edit. 7.


Nicholas Barnes says:

I fly with Virgin America and they have Platinum as the top membership and I am in that and they have the free complimentary upgrades everytime system but, it all depends on if the flight is booked out

Adalis Pabon says:

In the end it’s much more expensive than you think cause you’d have to fly way often and with the same airline so that limits things , so how much in the end you have to pay for fancy seating and food ? All I want is to get to my destination

Curious Pavel says:

well explained video.. just like all the rest

Wolficorn is sad Christmas is over D: says:


Vintagecat40 gaming says:

we got free upgrade to business to Africa a couple years ago

Christian Lowery says:

you certainly travel in style!

Jahangir Mehta says:

fucking amazing casey coryography of vid is amazing man

Lucas' Account says:

Why did you pick American? It’s a member of one world, the smallest airline allience. You should went big and went United, members of Star Alliance, the biggest alliance. Or, if you don’t want to get dragged if the plane, go Delta, members of Skyteam, which is almost better than star Alliance except a smaller alliance

Dynamic Kayden says:

does flying 2 times a year count as alot

Mark Green says:

If baffles that Casey and anyone desiring an upgrade (23ft? &1.75″ more elbow room) can’t see the AMERICAN Farmer loves ALL his SHEEP. 0.0063 seconds earlier arrival.

laura tea says:

This video was totally not sponsored by American Airlines.

One of the steps (not mentioned) is to use a lower case “i” in between capital letters to appear kool. Also; skate music.

Jeffrey Dai says:

so 40 flights across the country every year? sounds fun after the first year

Andrew Garrison says:

Soo, take the red eye 5 times and get free 1st class. Alright

God himself says:

Great…. Guess Il stick to jerking off on the back of a greyhound

George Orwell says:

and where is the exploit?

Rob Dymott says:

i might try and do this at somepoint in my life. now is not that time.

Royal kings Life says:

I never been on a plane

israr ahmed says:

Who’s watching 2018

KickZ says:

Holy fucking hell so I just spend more money on economy over 12 months then just spending the money once for business or first?

Rachel Fresh says:

I’d honestly get coach on planes only because of the ice cream.

T e m m i e says:


A Carrot says:

Welp,there goes my life savings

Santino Crosson says:

is 2 times per year good enough? 🙂

Zhang says:

So Rich people just save more making them richer

Ali Jaffery says:

So 20 round trips a year between NYC and LA.

Freddie Palmer says:

Casey I’ve been watching ur vids for 5 years and I’m 13 years old and I love every vlog u post and I wish to come to New York from England just keep up the amazing job u do!

Yihao Wang says:

uhh… I was a concierge key member of AA, never got upgraded, not even once…

levi fox says:

You could fly from NY-LA 2 Times a month and u would be sey

Volker Schaupp says:

Was für eine Scheiße…..Like many things…

Zen Ceriano says:

Or you can be very rich

pickle says:

My dad has been flying from Vegas to San Francisco and back every week for I don’t even know how many years. He has so many perks

MOB says:

I was in a 10 hour flight from heathrow to miami, american airlines, and asked nicely if i could get a seat at first class.. they said yes!! They might have said yes because i’m a kid

Stuff With Alex says:

3,610th comment!

Paul Williams says:

So you’d have to fly from New York to LA 20 times a year.

snapascrew says:

Thankfully I flew a lot this year – well only 3 times in the first 6 months but 84 times in the other 6 months! Got me platinum on Delta! 🙂

eyzak official :D says:

i fly alot but the plane i go in is shitty so no first class shitty coach

Uk-Drone says:

You’ve come a long way since this vlog. Now it’s first class suits now. high flyer

Ad Kb says:

But w qatar airways u can earn qmiles w/ ur qnb first platinum card

Silenced Gameplay says:

Fuck United Airlines

Santino Crosson says:

That’s cool though because it pushes you to travel more and see the world

Airwipe says:

Well yes when you have 8 million subscribers, and millions of people will these this video of their service, I have no doubt they would.

Tado says:

step one: get hella rich
step two: get free stuff cause you’re rich

Slushy Sunday says:

I’m committed to Philippine airlines and I’m just 9 and I already have an elite loyalty card

Brussels_aviator says:

What that song at the end??

Nasser MJ says:

something new here? DUH!

Eli C says:

so if you pay on average $250 per flight round-trip from New York To LA and get 5,000 miles per trip divide 100,000 into 5,000 you get 20. 20 X $250 = $5000. So 5k just to get first class not including what you have to pay on your later trips

Some random dude says:

I committed to Alaskan. (Mainly because pdx is a hub of Alaska. And good flights to Hawaii.)

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