Flying IBERIA A350 Business Class: my review

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Date of Travel: AUGUST 2018
Airline: Iberia
Livery: Iberia standard
Route: MAD-LHR
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 XWB
Flight Number: IB 3166
Miles: 772
Airborne time: 2h00m
Notes: Iberia A350 on proving flights
Cost to book: 15,000 Avios plus £16.80 fees

You can book the A350 on various long haul routes including to JFK from Madrid. For a cheaper “long haul” experience, the IB3166 and IB3167 are usually A330 or A340 departures daily. Availability on Avios is usually excellent as the cabins are large and many seats are on sale. Book direct with the airline or via BA depending on where your Avios are hosted.

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juan O says:

Can you try out American Airlines business class from Phoenix to Mexico City nonstop?You are doing very good on your videos!

Ricardo sam says:

Lovely but I can’t afford business class but brilliant clip , lovely seats

Catherine McMullen says:

Do you ever enjoy your destinations, or only getting there? I get that your thing is reporting on the flights, but after I’ve watched a few of your videos I feel like I’m in airport and airplane hell with no destination ever. To me the details of travel aren’t as important as the destination. Perhaps I’m not your audience.

supasixfour says:

Does anyone have any thoughts on the likelihood of this becoming the new BA Club World seat?

juan O says:

And can you go on the a220?

Elena Q says:

This meal is more like business class meals for short haul, not long haul . For short haul, even if you get a bigger plane you still get a lower haul meal. I’ve flown with them very often and have had a better experience than the one you depicted. Sorry you didn’t !

emperor sam says:

The inflight meal you’ve received looked as bad as the one I’ve received in Business Class from Miami to Madrid. It was a horrible transatlantic flight, it is really a no-frill airline. Never Iberia Airlines again!

Tankdriver67 m says:

Are you planning on flying on a 747-800? Lufthansa?

Piotr Jezierski says:

Paul… Please… Unknown guitarist Paco de Lucia helped Bryan Adams with the song ‘Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?’ for the film ‘Don Juan de Marco’ with such unknown actors like…Marlon Brando, Faye Dunaway, Johnny Depp … Good trip report but your comments about such a big name of European culture shows why some Britons don’t feel the connection with the rest of Europe, they just don’t give a flying f**k. Sad.

Joe Tran says:

I hope you submitted some feedback regarding your flight (referencing this flight report). If you don’t make noise, companies don’t do anything.

Olimpo 2016 says:

I am in disagreement with you the annoying(for you) foil sheet on top of your main course, do you know how many germs flying all around inside the aircraft there are, people, get sick after their fly you are smelling peoples odor, people farting inside the plane, sneezing, smelly feet, dirty hands, and you are here not happy because they put foil sheet of paper on your food Hum I don’t think you are a classy frequent flyer passenger.
in my case besides of that foil paper, I would scan everything with a kill germs machine they sell in Amazon. Some other’s are making comments about the seat color and the matching they made with the grey color, LOL I was wondering how some peoples houses they look inside if they have the perfect match color, People!!!!! planes are to fly in it not to live inside of them for 2 hours fly beside you guys are not Celebrities next time it would be nice if you fly Fist class in a private plane very cheap from Londres to Spain is only $ 250,000 dollars.

Austin B says:

I do enjoy your vids Paul but why do you use imperial for your distances and measurements? I know you’re British but everyone else in the world uses metric (except the US). Any chance of at least dual measurements and distances?

NaranjaValencia says:

I personally would take my shoes off before putting my feet up. Very critical of the food and service stds but I would sort your own out first!

Oliver Gray says:

Anyone who watches Geoff Marshall will recognise the music at the start lol!

Nic s says:

Dammm that’s some serious chest hair

James Clarke says:

Another very informative video Paul thankyou look forward too you’re next trip thanks again

Marcus LeeP says:

Hehehehe! I laughed because someone in the magazine printing department did not place the photo of the A350 on the page of advertising right!!!!! Crazy printing!!!!

Art From California says:

Aeroflot, what I see on YouTube way better

TrainNutter says:

Non-Schengen flights also depart from the main Terminal 4 area (T4a). These ones are up to the Airbus A321 fly to say Birmingham (BHX) and London Heathrow (LHR).

Stew stew says:

CORRECTION: up to London not down

oyvey says:

do some more train trips.

Arif Abdullah says:

Only Malaysia Airlines A350 would have the most Stupid 2-2-1 configuration in business class. Too cramp.

Ricky Matthews says:

What’s your preference a350 or 787 Paul?

Nicolai75 says:

Hey paul i just found your channel I love your content it is very intersting and I just subscribed likes and put notifications on

shutup says:

any plans for any long haul flights soon paul ??

marmoti says:

A high flying bird? A very speedy bird…

Yuvi Dhillon says:

Do you never get nervous while flying.

Elaine Farrar says:

Very interesting video! I have flown Iberia many times between Madrid and South America and have always been frustrated by the blandness of the service and product. They could do so much better with just a little bit more effort. I much prefer Latam if going to South America, planes are in a better condition, food delicious and often the planes are not full so if travelling economy, you can often have a row of 3 seats to yourself 🙂

pomkraut says:

nice clip paul.remember the meal on the scoot flight was worse

mrvwbug44 says:

Seriously, what is it with the sterile gray interiors on European carriers. The Southwest 737 MAX I flew on last week had a more colorful interior and that is just a US short haul plane with no business class at all.

Jkt 777 says:

i agree with you..the cabin is so boring

Mindy R says:

Thank you for bringing up the lack of individual air vents. I do not understand why this is common especially on European airlines. Thank you for highlighting which ones have them/don’t have them in your videos- it’s actually a deciding factor for me when booking flights!

Rico4you says:

Iberia used to be flagship travel…today it’s plain garbage ..dull service,dull look, dull all. Pass on Iberia.

WD Harris says:

Great video thanks for posting. I appreciate your work that you do for us.

CocoaPopsAndMilk says:

Hi Paul, love the videos. It would be great to see you take a flight to Ronaldsway airport in the Isle of Man. It’s an interesting small airport with spectacular views on the approach. The flight only takes about 30 minutes so it’d be a novelty video to watch and there are a number of interesting aircraft at the airport within s close proximity. Keep up the great videos

Moreno says:

Lol the A350 looks so funny on the diagram. It’s missing some length, the curved wingtips and the iconic black cockpit windows. They also should have different engines.

Ricardo sam says:

Never fly with them either althou they link with BA

Siobhean Siobhean says:

I recently flew IB from Tokyo and there is just a lack of spark in the whole show. The crew were kind enough but just lacking any sense of joy or pride. Their whole lacklustre presentation from new logo, uniform and mono tone cabin fitting seems to have sucked the air out of them. I live in Spain and as someone else said, it is baffling that the national carrier of such a vibrant, colourful and warm nation is so bland. Maybe they need Marie Kondo to spark some joy…

Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas says:

I wrote up my experience for Simple Flying: – be sure to read for more detailed thoughts that I couldn’t cram into the video!

Have you flown the Iberia A350 yet? Do you agree with my assessment? Let me know!

Up next Thursday – a TGV trip report between Paris and Milan, surely the most picturesque journey available by TGV.

Have a great weekend!

Wresker says:

Really enjoy your videos, as someone loves to travel and loves aircraft your videos are very satisfying. Geographically from Madrid your flying “Up” to London…lol. Good stuff mate..cheers

Marcus LeeP says:

And you know an aircraft is not going to fly with out a proper attached to the aircraft. Hehehehehe!
Ok, fly safe always.

Marcus LeeP says:

Hehehehehe…The review looks very nice. Thank you and always fly safe…..

Marcus LeeP says:

Hehehehe…But you have the leg room….That is great! Us taller flyers like me are always looking for the room to be present in every seat..Having been a Purser Flight Attendant so many years, the leg room was something that I looked for every time I would fly on vacation for myself….IBERIA is a good airline and seems like you had a good flight….Well, stay cool and fly safe always….

Marcus LeeP says:

Hehehehe!!! I laughed at myself on my last statement to you…Yes, the proper attachment of the tail is needed..Hehehehe! Life as it is thinking and typing at the fast same time is sometimes not what it is!!!!! Hehehehehe

Robert Cooper says:

Grey everywhere eh? Who let Willie Walsh free in the Design Studio?

Jason Moors says:

What was that airline BoA I saw at Madrid when you were taxiing? European based? A veal burger sounds unappetizing,would’ve chosen the cheese and apple stuffed pasta. Did you get a mileage bonus for flying their business class? Looking forward to your next trip

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