FIRST CLASS vs. BUSINESS CLASS vs. ECONOMY CLASS Seats! | Aboard Swiss’ Boeing 777-300ER


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Airline: Swiss
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: HB-JNA, HB-JNC
Seats: 1A, 16A, 41K
Date: March 2016, June 2016

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Toxicamma 250 says:

Lol business class

Yolo Man2 says:

Where are you from ?

Powerangler Chucknorris says:

I love the comparison videos:D

Lara Žohar says:

what is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you on a plane?

Slushy Sunday says:

I’m an avid fan of planes also a fan of you but I have 60+ airplane models today

Charlie Platt says:

>Closes first class privacy screen
>Whips out dick

Dank Lush says:

Love the vid very useful

TV Master says:

stowage ? not storage ?…

Marshmellow 202 says:

Great video

RafaCreeper 72 says:

you wrote “Frist Class”

mohammed iqbaluddin says:


YEAH! says:

If you would compare this airline to Emirates, which one would you think is better?

Cody Nunez says:

3:21 “Frist class” lol

mariana miron says:

I love planes a lot and I really like airplane reviews,and out of all airplane reviewers, simply aviation is the best one!!!

Julian Watraks says:

love the classicy stitched seats

Matthias Fritsch says:

Hi we’re going to fly Munich to New Delhi on the new A350 in premium economy. Would you recommend the first row of premium economy? Both of us are around 1,80 cm tall. I heard some complain about the bulkhead seats that they have decent space to stretch out. What do you think? Is it an issue on the A350 ? Best regards

Nicholas Williams says:

0:17 Hmm how can we attract people to our planes? LET’S PAINT GIANT PEOPLE ON THEM!

DaPunchyDude YT says:

I flew on that plane from Zürich-Hong Kong

totallyod says:

How do you get so much access to each class?!

NoxiousCircle15 MC says:

When you wish you had this sort of. money to go to first class but you always have to go economy

SwagghafteLeo says:

I am fliying to NY in May and i will fly with this plane, cant wait

Dara45 Sm says:

Bro how do you afford first class?
Anyway amazing video as always

Teddy Haw says:

did you see him spell first like fisrt

xhappy _ says:

Boeing 777-300ER Bussiness Class looks like economy in emirates a380

Tk Kim says:

Bisch du vod schwitz?

Master Dan9 says:

ive just subscribed because I JUST LOVE PLANES

Ahmed Haythem says:

amazing simply aviation is the amazing I love it every time i watch it I also subscribe simply aviation and like

Tamir says:

Why does it always say “stowage” is that the Swiss way of saying “storage” ???

BobEckert56 says:

Boeing 777-300ER is loved by pilots and airlines around the word because it is so versatile, comfortable, efficient, powerful and they are backordered for months and months.

intpamelia says:

I think the little table at 3:00 is so you can put the screen lower and at an angle maybe???? idk

Namjoon's Dimples says:

How do you buy those flight tickets? Like for the crew training flight

Nipa Juko says:

You make my days allways happy when i’m despressed and if I got laptop and camera ( i’m young but) then I will start recording flights and roblox fideos

BobEckert56 says:

Separate is spelled separate.

B Sanchez says:

That white guy thought he saw a terrorist. 1:53

Paras Almal says:

I’m your new subscriber and I love your videos as I love planes.

JDM_jake says:

Great vid but you spelt storage stowage

Joseph McConnachie says:

Amazing video, Swiss is my favourite airline because I’m from Geneva..will you ever fly to Geneva ??

Sharon van Hoorn says:

like this one very much!

Xenerlicious says:

There’s this large comment section, where you can put more cameras… 😉

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