Etihad Business Class on the A380

It’s time to fly! This time I’m flying in the big one – it’s Etihad’s A380! Join me as I indulge in Etihad Business Class from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.

My last Etihad flight was also on the A380 but in their First Class Apartment, which was my best flight ever! Here’s the link to that one:

In the meantime, on this Etihad business class review I cover all the action including the Etihad lounge at Sydney Airport (The House), boarding, take off, the Etihad inflight service, the business class seat, cabin and amenities. I also cover the Etihad entertainment system including their inflight wi-fi.

Route: Sydney (SYD) to Abu Dhabi (AUH)
Length: 7,503 miles, 14:21 hrs
Flight: EY455 Seat 23H
When: 11 Jan 2019
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800 registration A6-APD (Apr 2014)
Camera: Panasonic HC-VX1

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Q&A Video:

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Thomas R. Mullen says:

You blocked out the Etihad welcome music with your own video music. Boooo……

One World Flyer says:

Happy Travels in 2019 yeha!

Pilotguy says:

Great to see you again Dennis, great job with this review, wish I could fly this product.

Neil Nair says:

Great vid as always

Paul Stewart says:

Great video Dennis! The night flight looked fairly empty? It is interesting watching all of the ME3 cut back on costs. I’m assuming this was always a part of their plan to splurge while they were establishing themselves and then start cutting back on the perks. I still don’t really understand why anyone thought it was a good idea for the UAE to have two massive airlines, though. City rivalries and a lot of oil, I guess.

JB Mall says:

May I ask once you paid for the entry that means everything free including drinks?

Burning Wang says:

Looks like cost cutting is king which is a shame when you’re paying so much for a flight. Cost cutting too much and having a worse product then emirates and Qatar isn’t going to be too good for them

HabashyGaming says:

WHEN YOU PRESSED THAT COMMAND CENTRE I WAS SO HAPPY because Etihad is one of the few airlines that has such advanced systems other airlines don’t and I always would like to see what the pilot sees even during an emergency. It’s for the comfort of my own!

sarath santosh says:

Please cover the food menus properly…Even I pause or slow down alot of information gets missing…Spare a minute or two for it….While going through the lounge menu, I replay like 4 to 5 times to know the what V G D N stands for and in the inflight menu, the main course went missing…Please cover it properly

wecanfly777 says:

lovely jubly! well except for the faulty seat. that’s a pity. its a shame they’re cutting costs so much across the network. I wonder if Emirates will ever swallow them up? Andy

Blake Edgington - Airborne says:

Another superb production Dennis, pleased to see that there were no holes in those socks too.

Troy Cameron says:

The gate supervisor for Etihad walking past you at the start, good bloke! Too bad your not facing the other way I was probably on Emirates Check In

Marcus LeeP says:

Looking very cool…

free4lifeau says:

top review as always

Andrew Leong says:

Nice one mate!

james dean says:

Nothing new

Gavin Tippet says:

looks like you need a travel companion especially having a social drink lol i’m available to travel

Rockingham76 says:

I really think the production values on your videos are great! Particularly enjoyed the music on this one!

HabashyGaming says:

I love flying with etihad even their economy is great. I usually fly with etihad to egypt too. I really dislike the plane from Abu Dhabi to Egypt haha

Olga Ratasik says:

The fun travel is now real with Etihad airways

Gustavo Souza says:

Bro, you keep popping into my feed pretending to be Jayme from “Carioca no mundo”
Just kidding, like you both !

Tikka223 says:

Hard Product looks out dated compared to some of ETD’s contemporaries from the same region…

Adam Noble says:

Well done Dennis yet another great review. I appreciate your work greatly.
Best wishes

Simon Overall says:

You’ve got me excited for my Etihad A380 Business class flights in May!

ChrisG- says:

don’t you get dehydrated or hungover if you drink on the plane? I always get a headache. You drink like a champ on flights!

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