Emirates NEW 777 Business Class

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My first international flight of the year was on the brand new Emirates 777 Business Class flying from Adelaide to Dubai.
It’s a 13 hour flight so plenty of time to try out all the features of this new Emirates 777 business class seat.

This business class flight review covers check-in, the Adelaide Qantas Club Lounge, boarding, take-off, the Emirates in-flight service, the amenities provided and the business class seat which converts into a lay flat bed.

I also discuss the world class Emirates inflight entertainment, savour their wine and devour their food. Basically I indulged in the whole Emirates business class experience!

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Route: Adelaide (ADL) to Dubai (DXB)
Length: 6,847miles, 12:50 hrs
Flight: EK441
When: February 2018
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER registration A6-EPW
Seat: 7K
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP55

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Hayes Jacoby says:

Yay! It’s finally here! Been waiting 4 this. Love your videos Dennis!

TheSaintST1 says:

No problem with 2-2-2 but outer-window seats should be offset forward about 300mm of the window-aisle seat. This would help to avoid climbing over the passenger between the aisle and your window seat.

I’m surprised no one has designed in this way to be honest…

smasila says:

You mentioned jet using fuel, you should watch this video. We’ve all been screwed over:

Raghav Sanghi says:

Emirates has always been WAY overrated. No doubt they know how to market their product and they do have a good service. But the hard product is definitely far inferior to other MEs. Even Delta/American are not giving aisle access.Or just fly JAL to get everything – aisle access, privacy, nice seats, good food and service.

Bigwillystab Tab says:

And hurry up and do Thai!
Definitely my favourite

Christian Germany says:

Now that was really an interesting video about the new Emirates! It’s not all just great there – even though it’s one of the prime airlines to fly with… Good that you pointed that out!

Ren says:

Dennis, please review the new Malaysia Airlines A350. The business seats are the same as the A330 but with slight changes.

Bigwillystab Tab says:

What a steep backwards from what they had while every other airline is improving

Yoel Febrian says:

A great and complete well-made review once again, Dennis! Although Emirates opted for the 2-3-2 configuration sadly, they fortunately still have loyal customer and well connected global destinations which is one of their advantages. Though, i believe the configuration should be upgraded to at least 2-2-2.

Jonathan Cherian says:

Thanks for the tip, I am planning to go to Brussels in a few weeks and thinking between Emirates or Qatar, but this gave me a choice.

BenPBL says:

3 seats in the middle section in business class? No, thanks…

Nick Baylor says:

So happy to see this video! please keep doing more!

Tranefine says:

6:20 Aussies really love their Shiraz, don’t they? 😀 I’ve spent couple months in Australia and almost 50% of bottle shops domestic wines was Shiraz. Unfortunately for me as I don’t really like this rather sweet taste of it… But I like your taste of beer at 1:18… Coopers Pale Ale is the best!! 😀

Muhammad Hossenbaccus says:

Best honest review

Oje Loke says:

Great video Dennis.
Just wondering how much did this flight cost and what is there to do in Dubai

Jonathan Cherian says:

Thanks Dennis

Guillermo Guitierrez says:

Emirates is falling behind…. even those passenger beating, puppy killing US based airline that I shall not mention does 1 2 1 seating on 777

Stephen Reddin says:

Love the videos Dennis. Never subscribed to anyone on YouTube till late last year when I found your videos. Went through and watched the entire catalogue of aircraft reviews. Loved to see that you had posted a new video. Keep up the good work

Nazlan Nazarudin says:

when flying the window seat in flatbed mode, if you needed to jump over the aisle seat (also in bed more), would you need to firstly adjust your seat into seating position before doing so? or could you simply step on the bed and step across?

N J says:

Just wondering if you could get Marco Polo club points for qantas codeshare flight with emirates?

TheManuelv86 says:

Your videos are just great!

Pierre Turrat says:

You just posted the more realistic review about that new business class on Emirates..even if the design looks fine, the lay out is ridiculous…2-3-2 seriously Mr Emirates..i agree with all your words, so i click to follow you from now…great video indeed
Best regards

Larry Reed says:

Great review, and I appreciate that you showed the wines on offer, something rare in most airline reviews.

The Saltiest Shake says:

Great vid as always Dennis.

Twenty Rothmans says:

Thanks Dennis. I’ve flown EK in J a few times and I thought the the service was really good. The new hard product however doesn’t look well thought out.
If they were OneWorld, I’d be all over them like a rash because of the DXB lounges.

Spark Aviation says:


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