Emirates Business Class 777-300

Flight review video of Emirates Business Class in their 777-300er aircraft from Adelaide to Dubai. The Emirates business class is rated as one of the best around. On this video I cover the cabin layout, the business class seat and how it converts to a flat bed, in-flight dining, the amenities kit and the Emirates ICE entertainment system.

The Emirates flight departs Adelaide at 10:30pm and takes approximately 12 hours to reach Dubai. It is primarily a night time flight so it was a good chance to test out the Emirates flat bed on their 777 aircraft.


Dohyun Choi says:

Great video! I love the Emirates services and food which is quite lovely. But the fact that it was an angle flat and 2-3-2 configured cabin is a major disappointment. Not what I expect from a ME3 carrier. I was hoping they would change but as Emirates continues to push for this dense cabin I don’t think I’ll be on thier 77Ws soon.

Shaun Rieck says:

We are flying Emirates business to London from Adelaide, they seem pretty good and had some great deals however wondered if Qatar is as good or better any thoughts???

John Smith says:

Middle seat in business class? Food looked unappetising too.

Sat The pro says:

But often economy it depends on the time of the flight

Kam Shaw says:

I love your channel! what do you do work living that u get to travel so often? #jealous

Wes Köhler says:

Wish I discovered this channel sooner, great travel review channel, probably the best on YouTube, you never are harsh about services products just honest opinion!

Imran Shamsul says:

These seats are called “sleeperette”. They’re still on an angle as mentioned and aren’t 100% flat

NFKRZ Tunes says:

What’s the price?

Sorbet licious says:

I cant wait cuz me and my family are travelling on emirates buisness classs!!!!!!!!!

charliea says:

I like your vids 🙂 subbed

Michael Qian says:

The 2-3-2 layout is a real let-down.

Hani Alturk says:

Traveling in December business with my wife. Is their menu a la carte?

Tom Mills says:

I’ll be travelling on one of these from Glasgow to Dubai so this is a really useful vid for me. Thanks!

Christy Wright says:

Pleased that you mentioned the heated nuts.

Nayab Faisal says:

emirates best plane of all times

aalh004 says:

I’ve flown both the A380 and B777 products. Obviously the A380 is the flagship product, but regardless, I think you are slightly too kind with your review. Though overall I certainly enjoyed the 777 product, there are two things you mentioned that I would disagree with: storage space and the “good” massage function. Storage is extremely lacking on the B777 J seat, and I had to empty out the magazine pocket to put some of my personal items in there. The massage function is nothing more than an anemic vibration. You’ll notice that on slightly newer seats, they got rid of it completely. Also as a side note, a middle seat in business class is really not the way to go anymore. Just my two cents. Your videos are great and I’ve subd 🙂

Air Piano says:

Dennis, you are the best travel reviewer in my opinion. Others such as Eddie Khoo and Sam Chui just don’t have the same level of description as you. You have overall consistency in all of your reviews. It would be a bonus if you could do some more exotic routes. Your travel reviews are very thorough and helpful. Great job and keep it up! Don’t let your standards fall.

Arjan Dhamija says:

That guy at 1:42 looks exactly like the guy I was sitting next to the last time I traveled business class

JacksonTripReports says:

Very nice video on the 777 ULR Business Class seats. I’m hopefully trying the new Auckland-Dubai route in the 777-200LR, then return to Auckland via Melbourne in the A380 due to the new lounge. Many people perceive the A380 as the superior product, although there are less J seats on the 777, they are slightly wider, and of course, this flight is direct 🙂 Cheers!

Moe Lester says:

“Some warm nuts”

Scott Ducey says:

In 8 days, I’m going on business class for Emirates, Jfk-Dxb, Dxb-Jomo Kenyatta Kenya, JMO- DXB, Dxb-Milan, Milan- JFK , quite a lot of flights but I’m sure business class will make up for all the time on the plane.

AIRFORCE 360 says:

mmmmm I should have got a bissnuseclass seat

Oz Spotter HD 2017 says:

Great video

iTCXtreme says:


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