Emirates B777 NEW BUSINESS and ECONOMY Class Complete Review

After my spectacular New First Class ride on Emirates to Brussels, I flew back in their NEW Business Class. During the flight I also get to find out the NEW enhanced Economy Class seat! This video shows a lot of details from the cockpit to how the meals are prepared and as usual with a lot of crew interaction.

My video isn’t sponsored or representing any airline’s view.
It is aim to show you a lot of behind the scenes such as preparing food inside the plane, the hard and soft product and lot of fun as always! Opinions are always subjective so I will leave you as the judge of the product!

Emirates New First Class video:

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aviation lovers says:

Sam please try Egypt air

sneekapeek707 says:

Economy seats look so narrow – but seems to be the norm on all airlines now

Joe Sheehan says:

Flew business on this aircraft yesterday from Adelaide to Dubai. My only criticism is the 2-3-2 formation in business so not direct aisle access for all. Apart from this, simply stunning.

Leenay says:

This is the second video on YouTube! The guy who was next you on this flight uploaded the first one and the comparison between both your views is AMAZING

Choo Hong Wong says:

The passenger behind seems to disagree with their conversation at 13:11

gang fu says:


Ubanuba says:

I’ve flown a lot but never set foot in business or first

Nomadic Julien says:

I can’t even afford to fly Emirates at all 🙁

I AM THAT says:

Sam you’re a legend!

Alvin Tse says:

“I think this is the very first video in YouTube showcase the new business class.”

Up next: an Emirates new business class video posted the day before…by Jeb Brooks, who’s in the video!!

Aviation Music says:

Sam chui i am your biggest fan. Great video 😀 thank you

Tiger Travel says:

Nice trip again! Thanks Sam:)

Abid Miah says:

Mr sam

Heitor Barcellos says:

Sam Chui flying on coach? That’s new! 🙂

Alenzo Leksana says:

A6-E** ?

RMD 420 says:

This video This video was awesome thank you for sharing!!!

like2fly says:

Great Video Sam, big fan of yours. One of this days I would like to fly in a 777. All my flights are either a 737 or A320 west coast to east coast USA

Deek Roumy says:

Awesome video as always and just getting better. Trying PAL business next week. HKK here I come 🙂

SLCQD says:

Thanks for this review Sam. I don’t think we’ve seen enough details though like how are the restrooms, what kind of amenity kit you receive, when can you order your meal (especially in business – can you choose while taking off what and when on their Samsung?), how are the blankets in all classes, toothbrush availability in economy and about the 2-3-2 layout, I think you could be more negative about it while keeping your well-know polite tone.
I know it’s always easy to criticise but with you are doing reviews for your viewers/subscribers and not for the airlines so, no, 2-3-2 in business is not OK (or 2-4-2 BA for example) or like the strange position of the flatbed in new Singapore Airlines business class (not appropriate for businessmen who want to keep their haire and back in good shape), also not OK. It’s your job to say it loud and clear without hesitation if you want frequent travellers to still respect your work. These are expensive airlines and as stated by other people here, when you pay your full price ticket, you expect something else than having no privacy in business class.
I’ll sitck with QR and CX while flying business for the moment. I don’t travel economy class anymore except for flights less than 3 hours.
Sound is much better, great and thanks a lot anyway for taking the time of sharing all of this with us.

Abd says:

wow!! meal in economy is the same standard in Kuwait airways business class.

route55 qatar says:

I stop flying Emirates and Etihad. UAE is among the warmongers. I fly Oman Air most of the time now.

Pedro Julián CERECEDA says:

And, please tell me; watching your videos do I get miles in my frecuent flying card, by any chance?


As always very insightful and entertaining. thanks again

chris green says:

If i worked on a plane and knew that Sam Chui was on my next flight i would call in sick!!

ElangGentan says:

But that is emirates
Ryanair is more better

Sayantan Mitra says:

Sam, I follow your videos and love them. But perhaps clubbing two classes in a single review didn’t go down very well with me or other travelers like me who can only afford to fly Economy. Two moments in this video kind of stuck out like thorn, if you ask me. First, you telling the Pilot to hurry since you were flying Economy that day. This sounds a bit derogatory to common fliers like myself. Secondly, yes we do get hit by trolleys, and thanks for reminding us that. I guess Economy and Business class reviews should be done separately.

OfficialKeithIt says:

@ 13:13 that guy was like “Naw son” lol – Great video!

ian ordoñez says:

thank you so much mr sam chui… infroming us inside of all a kinds of aircraft… god bless and more power

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