Hello fellas!
I recently visited New York during the US-Open Tennis Championship. It would only be only a quick citytrip and I tried to keep my expenses as low as possible. But when I ran over this awesome offer from Delta I couldn’t resist booking my flights in Business Class. I spent a total of 1’800 CHF for all flights, the return would be on KLM through Amsterdam. This was a great deal and it allowed me to check out KLM’s new world business class, fly in a 747 again and be on an american carrier in business for the first time. I have always wanted to feel american premium hospitality.
This is the first of all 3 flights of this particular trip. ZRH-JFK aboard Delta Airlines in their Delta “One” Business Class cabin.
The seat is similar to SWISS, Austrian or Finnairs Business Class seat. The seat itself is a bit narrow but pretty comfortable. All window seats are single what improves the privacy a lot! So therefore this seat has a couple of advantages.
The FA were pretty nice. No bad mood or attitude, they all were very kind, pretty motivated, attentive and helpful. Only thing I missed was a personal touch by the FA’s, f.e. a “welcome mr. xx ” during boarding or “mr.xx here is your chicken” instead of “5A you got the chicken”. But that’s only a small issue. Personally I would fly Delta Business again!
The food was pretty good aswell! Soup and Salad tasted good, the soup tasted a bit smoky but that was good too in a different way. Everything seemed to be pretty fresh. The Rösti were a bit salty and a little overcooked but crunchy. Chicken was delicious, no dryness at all.
The seat itself was fully lie flat. It’s a leather seat but that wasn’t a big difference to other material. The screen was a bit small but quality of the IFE and choice was pretty good!
Hope you enjoyed the review, if you have any questions just drop your comment below!

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Shri Thakur says:

just gotta love when theres a 1-2-1 config in business class. great video

Breyden Dukette says:

Delta is my Favorite Airline!

AvTraveller says:

How comfortable were you when you slept? I’m only 12 and I’m not that big, but man I could not find a comfy position. Took me about 20 minutes to finally sleep, and when I woke up my hand had pins and needles, at least it was a good sleep! ThNsk, safe Travels!

Ishay Bar-Yosef says:

seats looks uncomfortable

mudfun 1 says:

This one has to be one of my favorite Amandeuce videos. Great job! And I love the commentary.

Sean Delaney says:

Was at Zurich airport some 8 years ago. Looks the same actually!

JanYT Ferrari says:

Flieg Au First und Business

scrambledegg81 says:

9:34….lordy, I wish Homer would come back. T-T

IsaacBabb Vlogs and More says:

Only Delta’s big planes like the 757, 767, 777, A330 have Delta One

WESTCAT Alex says:

Very uninteresting. The whole “report” is a very indulgent selfie about you. I have to join the thumbs down folk.

Patrick Picard Robson says:

Well Delta has a lot to do to improve its business class in all domains

Ben Claar says:

Were you watching Spy? That was like the funniest movie of 2015!

Kornél Kovács says:

How long was the us customs & border protection?

bubbleboy000 says:

I am flying delta business in a couple of months, one question. Are the food and drinks included in price of ticket or do they cost extra?

UGNUG 71 says:

4 more

UGNUG 71 says:

5 more people comment

bighands69 says:

If only delta domestic first class was as nice as that but then it is generally much cheaper.

John Doe says:

that soup, .. doesn’t look good. but great that it was nice 🙂
thx for the review!

UGNUG 71 says:


Jakes_Tornado says:


Hehe, yeah…funny…

Jesper Fuglsang Nielsen says:

Aahh… Isn’t she a beauty! My all time favourite crush…. The Boeing 767-300ER… <3

The Bleach Bottle says:

In my opinion delta is one of the worst airlines. I never had trusted them. Delays all the damn time and very often cancellations. Delta one seats aren’t even that comfortable. Rather fly Emirates or Qatar or even Ethiopian.

Sergio Formoso says:


NYKID10014 says:

Haha can’t afford to fix you iPhone screen!?

scubawrestler says:

We’ve flown Delta One from ZRH to JFK and loved every minute of it. But I don’t like the customs and security at the net terminal in JFK it’s still a cluster.

Jahrese says:

Taking JFK-FRANKFURT and back in there comfort + cant wait

swagy doge gaming RBLX and more says:

what airline do you prefer more?? @Amandeuce

Jack Dore says:

Btw someone used a screenshot of this video and posted it on Twitter as their own

Lonzee Hype Videos, Ink says:

Going ATL-BCN in May…. so excited

Michael Townley says:

well about that fuselage my friend thats pretty dangerous that means that they don’t maintained the planes that well because that doesn’t suppose to be there. you lucky you alive because in no time that plane could crash and have a big hole

sawan oberai says:

who else noticed that he was watching Spy and the guy in front of him was watching taken 3 ?

Kyle Brundage says:

Hey man, how much did you pay for Delta One? Was looking to upgrade from NYC -> Reykjavik, Iceland for $1,228 and think it may be worth it

UGNUG 71 says:

3 more

bighands69 says:

If only delta domestic first class was as nice as that but then it is generally much cheaper.

Armin Schmitt says:

About the cocoa… Hold it upside down over your cup and then slightly tap on the side of the can with your finger(s). … 🙂

Thanks for the great videos!

Frankie Calizan says:

thats not even a galaxy lol

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