Delta One Business Class – in december ’16 I flew with Delta Airlines in Delta One Business Class from Seattle to Amsterdam
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Music produced by Ryan Little

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Mary English says:

Will a wheelchair fit in those isles?

Van Romondt says:

Een beetje langer maken mate! btw wat dagt u van delta? I vondt hen 1st class niet so goed tuggen AA. AA geeft u meer space and comfort.

californianchild TM says:

Do you ever get drunk from how much alchohol they serve?

Frank Duran says:

i love your videos! love from the dominican republic!

John Ruiz says:

For a husband and wife flying Delta One window seat, do you think we would have room to “visit” each other? Or should we just bite the bullet and take the duo aisle seats so we can easily chat without being pests to other guests?

Mike Sandberg says:

not much seat info. mainly what you ate and the screen in your seat.

thatamerican550 says:

When did American carriers actually get good? This is surprising

Hector Puente says:

That beat was crazy… just made me light up, blessings.

Peter Yeong says:

Ditto Amandeuce

Alex Lin says:


Donavan Caudle says:

you should do a southwest review next time you’re in the states. it’s my personal favorite airline domestically

Alvin Alacorn says:

American has better product!! Nice video sir

Travels Japan says:

Delta sucks

* says:

Sadly , as good as Delta is compared to the other few US carriers, it’s still a joke when you see for example, what Virgin offers

Godzilla Atomic_Breath says:

3:20 He Is Near Mt St. Helens And Mt. Rainier

Peter Yeong says:

Another enjoyable video. Not flown Delta for a long time.So thanks for the update. Delta has always been the best amongst US airlines. Not saying alot really!! But at least their FA’s dont go to sleep with a coat hanger in their mouthes so thay have a plastic smile in the morning.

Henry Salari says:

Thanks for the video. It really captured all the elements of this cabin. Unlike most other reviewers who record 20 minutes of take off and landing…we’ve all seen the world from the inside of an airplane…we need to see the features of the seats. Great details. Out of curiosity, what camera do you use. The lens is adding great drama. Is it an SLR? I don’t believe this is a smartphone camera. If it is…great video quality, especially those low light shots. Bravo!!!

Zak Cutler says:

Wow I’m going

Evan Austin says:

I LIVE IN SEATTLE (actually something a tiny to the north of it called Shoreline)!

Richie H says:

Music mononitus

davewreslt says:

meal service looked dissappointing

Award Chaser says:

A330 DeltaOne is great!

Jacob Ly says:

Nice food shots!

OsDoge YT says:

I love this channel

Sam Man says:

why not KLM?? 🙁


i had just flew this last night and tbh it was nothing special. definitely doesn’t compare to its competitors for luxury or comfort. 🙁

Neithan says:

Never put bad looping “chill-out” sounds as background music. That freaking loop is torture.

Christian Hoogheem says:

depressing that the best part of the lounge was watching planes

Healthy Eating says:

What kind of phone or Camera did you use for this recording? lovely

Cruisn Chris says:

Great video. I love Delta! Just curious where do you get your music from? I like the style. 🙂

Bhupen Mandal says:

really well made!!

Jumingan Budiono says:

Do you think KlM better than Delta

Dianne Williamson says:

Excellent overview of Delta One. Good time-lapses, long taxi and takeoff videos are boring.

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