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Air France Economy Class Review:

Birdy – KV
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Dyalla – NYC

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Jonnie Bangkok says:

I would never book a flight on Air France…workers in France are always going on strike for one reason or another and you never know if your flight will actually take place. Like right now (June 2018) the AF unions have announced a series of rolling strike days…like who need this extra worry when one is planning a trip. In addition, I’ve read lots of negative feedback about CDG so would rather transit through other European hubs like Schipol or Frankfurt. From the emptiness of the cabin, I see I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

JMBandy says:

Great vlog! Love your detail ….where did you get your hat with the American flag on it ?

Moulay Belhamissi says:

Better than the A380

kaz9781 says:

12:18 its flat. 0:

Aaron Cohen says:

Suisse et ne parle pas français?

William Guy says:

8:23 Man I miss Zurich!

Christian Pierobon says:

Alitalia looks better

Andrew Walvin says:

We (5 of us) took the same plane Paris to Singapore last summer, this business class was excellent.

Paulsdx says:

Kommst du aus der Schweiz?

Achmad Osman says:

That 777 is so noisy- when compared to a 747. Hope the new one has better sound insulation.

tynant101 says:

you donot like AF do you? ur other F.R. are also negative.

Mark Scheurwater says:

Really nice video, can you do a video about KLM business class on the dreamliner, or Delta one suit on the A350?

Rapha 31 says:

Unfortunately, Af 777 business class is way better than the a380 because Af wants to get of rid of the a380 as most of the airline are doing at the moment. Hopefully it will soon be a bad memory !Likewise, AF First class is even much more amazing and i think it has been elected the best first class worldwide. Food is amazing, comfort is unbelivable and service is insane !!

Francis Bagbey says:

“full reveal” at 100,000. Very funny!

jeterwilliams says:

One thing you don’t like about the French/ France is they only speak French? Seriously? How dare they speak the language that is native to … their HOME COUNTRY.

u r butthurt. says:

12:43 that bezel though

Peter Yeong says:

Frogs!!! English? NON

Alessandro N says:

I often fly Alitalia’s long haul business class, Magnifica. Alitalia is a 9 times winner for best airline food and I could not see why. Now that I am seeing the kind of crap they serve on AirFrance, I am starting to understand…

Michaela Falck says:

The Lounge in Concourse M is fantastic. I’ve visited the lounge back in March this year on my way to Bangkok. I didn’t know, they offer a free facial treatment ;-). The Lounge in Concourse L is also worth a visit. Great Food options. Unfortunately I’ve flown Air France‘ Business with the old Business Class seats only. But the Food was excellent, I literally roll out of the plane. They improved a lot. I’d love to try their new seats one day.

GarySanson_nz says:

have you ever had any problems with the cabin crew’s when using the suction cup on your flights, anyway looks like you had another good flight

Brendan Berkhout's Travel Videos says:

Hi Amandeuce!

Another great report as asual, really enjoyed it. You got the same exact menu as on my CDG-SEA flight last month 🙂 the food (as also on my flight) all looks delicious. Shame to see the all the cabins that empty. It is nice and relaxing for you of course, but not good for business. Which hotel did you stay at in Dubai?


Al Varez says:

How much for the flight ??

Józef Piłsudski says:

France is too proud to make anouncements in English

eye trapper says:

Great trip report

Kristian Sagia says:

poor presentation of food…looked like puke…as much as AF has a great business product it can not rival the likes of Qatar/Etihad/Emirates

The Platinum Takeoff says:

All I kept saying over and over throughout the video was “wow”

starfiremale says:

What is that little piece of music right in the last few seconds of the vid??

Luke Askeland says:

you should go back to playing mounika How can I

AviationLSZR says:

2:18 Hey, du bist Schweizer, wofür hast du 5 Jahre französisch gelernt… xD

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