British Airways 747 Business Class. Who designed this seat??

Who designed this seat????

There are some fantastically well designed business class seats in the sky today – unfortunately British Airways doesn’t have any of them.

On this flight review video I road test British Airways business class which they like to call Club World. I cover boarding, take off, the infamous British Airways business class seat, inflight dining and entertainment.

Sorry the camera is a bit shaky on this one – I was transferring from Egypt so the electronics ban meant I couldn’t use my normal camera.

More info:

Here’s the link to Oliver Edwards’ YouTube channel:

Flight: BA179
Route: Heathrow to New York JFK – 8.05 hours
When: May 2017
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 registration GBVGC
Seat: 22A
Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7


Landrew0 says:

Big fail.

goofyfoot2001 says:

All seats should be like this on every plane

Charlie Haynes says:

I’m a producer at the BBC. Would you mind if we used a small snippet of your footage?
Thanks, charlie

Juan David Gonzalez says:

don’t waste your money on those bussiness class seats, it really looks unconfortable

Twenty Rothmans says:

Thanks, Dennis.
The first time I flew BA LH recently was some time before your video – I learned that you really want the window seats pretty quickly, the hard way.
Sitting next to a canoodling couple was at least interesting.

Kentucky Ranger says:

@ 1:18 There’s a divider you can pull out, right? Please tell me there is, otherwise I’d be getting my money back!

When I Travel The World says:

Dennis…Look liked the BBC got mixed up, they asked me and you to use footage, but they showed your footage and quoted me. It’s already been on air now. Good old journalism there.

Andrew Connolly says:

My wife and I travelled on this flight LHR-JFK in 2014, and everything bad that Dennis says about this set-up is true.

BA subsequently made the mistake of emailing me a survey to complete and to comment upon my experience of their, well, product.

I replied that if Ryanair did business class, then THIS is what it would be like.

ArrKayCee says:

Damn, that looks impractical. The last 6+ hour flight I was on was so much more practical, it was a seat next to 3 other seats with an armrest.

quazz79 says:

Fuck me! The dilemmas of rich people

Reinis Miks says:

Rich people problems

ElectroSalvo says:

but I’d love to fly with them cuz here they just give us a stool.

koshua says:

Maybe you should get a travelling companion. Wife & I love this arrangement. Of course with a personality like this, you ain’t gonna have many friends.

newrhea13 says:

this man complains about the nicest plane seats i ever seen in my life.

jmr1068204 says:

Who designed that seat? Some guy at a desk in a corporate building who has never been on a plane. It reminds me of my Retail days setting plan-o-grams in the stores. Somebody at a desk said that 20 products should fit side by side in a certain space and they didn’t factor in other issues. When you actually set it, it didn’t work.

Oh, and what’s with the creeper flight attendant lady peeking around the corner at 5:00?

Marcus Chan says:

Seems like everything except the seat is fine. Those look HORRIBLE. I don’t know why they couldn’t just replicate seats and configurations that actually work?

Great video tho!

Scorch Beatz says:

there is a divider between the two seats that you have to raise dumbass

Matt Johnson says:

Having done 20+ flights on these seats this year.. you’re spot on! Crew excellent, seats and their designer need a cheeky slap.

gavsky23 says:

Really sad, BA used to be a World-leading airline, now they are just being destroyed from within.

Rob Petri says:

Funny, I look at those a drool.

yiu yeung Kan says:

Of course, the scums in economy sit in a fucking 3-4-3, going elbow-to-elbow with strangers

RealestRealist says:

For filming purposes

little lady says:

Lol. Great video review. If I did not know better, I would guess this is a victim of Common Core education.

Shie H. says:

Super whiny. You want to complain? Sit in the increasingly claustrophobic economy seats. My legs hurt so much after a long haul, I could barely walk for a week after.

Snaake R says:

Poorly designed

HaxDragon Hardskin-Clash Royale says:

pls sub to my channel

h5y says:

Anyone who flies business and not FC should know what their getting. I fly FC and private every week, I would never slum down to business.

Vangus Khan says:

probably an engineer

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