American Airlines BUSINESS CLASS Review | Boeing 777-200 | London to New York

Review of American Airlines’ new lie-flat business class on the Boeing 777-200ER. What are these new direct aisle-access, lie-flat seats like?


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Airline: American Airlines, AA
Aircraft: Boeing 777-223(ER)
Reg: N795AN
Aircraft First Flight: 09 December 2000
Flight Number: AA105
Airports: London Heathrow Airport (LHR, EGGL) to New York John F. Kennedy (JFK, KJFK)
Date: 6 February 2017
Delay: None
Flight duration: 7h 15mins
Seat: Row 5, Seat 5H
Route: London Heathrow Airport to New York John F. Kennedy Airport

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Airbus 350 says:

you mean passengers…

jrs89 says:

You should do an international business class shootout among the 3 legacy American carriers. American’s 777-300ER, United’s 777-300ER (“Polaris” product), and Delta’s A350 (“Delta One Suite” product).

Savage Squad Gamer says:

I flew on one of those justat age 12 from Chicago to London. It was amazing, best flying experience of my life

Lammybear says:

What a nice flight Dan! Any upcoming videos?

Ellie Fleming says:

Oh, are you a Cornellian?

Matthew Hughes says:

AA is the best airline fly no other one.

Norma Bantas says:

Welcome to the American Airlines Internationals Flights…..

dvebmb says:

Is this business class product the same as the domestic 777-200?

Fredgamer4 says:

Is this the worlds loudest airplane? This is not an early video Dan made. So what’s with the audio? Model plane?

SammyFabulous says:

I would definitely be using those headphone covers if using the headphones provided. They don’t clean or sanitize them after every use so its a way to be more sanitary.

Dieter Bravo says:

American is amazing!! Great vid!!

Rohit Jalageri says:

its noisy

A Foster says:

Overall how do you rate : i am traveling to nyc from London ; but I’m sure they are not better than Emirates/ Etihad

John Ferguson says:

It really helps to wear a business suit if you travel business class. You’ll find that you’ll receive better service.

Esoteric Desi says:

Our us airlines are a decade behind others in service quality… though things are changing…

Aviation Addict says:

I have the same shirt as you!

Fatimah Hussain says:

I love all of your trip reports! Best aviation channel ever. Keep it up! ❤️


It looks like fist class

gayron32 says:

One problem I noticed is that you cant leave your seat with the table up. Many of your other travels have had very good tables that allow a person to leave your seat even with the table up.

Ketih Rendrag says:

Great video, but I reallyfeel you are being very generous to AA.

nai727 says:

I was looking at flying American business class over to Munich soon, and I can’t find anything that’s not a codeshare with BA. And BAs seats are TERRIBLE. so please tell me. WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS FLIGHT.

Ps. Love your vids!

Philo Ops says:

Homer Simpson says:

Flying from Philadelphia to Athens next Friday

Semsem Eini says:

American economy sucks; bad food and lousy 31″ legroom. You were sitting backwards? Do you like that?

Rob says:

Why do you blur the flight attendants faces out?

Erin Iglesias says:

Dantorp Aviation, do you keep the amenity kit?

Anirudh Cherukat says:

It’s a shame that AA is making so many cuts in JFK. Who knows for how long they will continue to fly this route, though I’m sure it would be one of the last non-hub routes to get axed.

Mike Rubinate says:

Am I seeing this correctly? Seats facing backwards??

Rushy says:

Best team ever

spideylover says:

That seems pretty small

Pablo Navas Lleras says:

You should make a review on avianca airlines Boeing 787-8 business class

Anthony Acosta says:

have you reviewed any of the following airlines? Hainan, Asiana, Ukraine, Alitalia, Aer Lingus, New Zealand, Aeroflot, Eastern China, Southern China or Shanghai? Thanks!

Anthony Acosta says:

great selection of music, it made the video seem “bubbly.” I don’t think I’d like flying backward, the optics just don’t work. I dig the privacy but I’d miss the passenger interaction that is part of the travel experience, I have the ability to strike up a conversation with just about anyone. Good review

Best Flight Booking deals says:

Book a Flight ticket in business class through American Airlines Manage Booking 1-844-313-4734. you loved the spacious seats and they are very comfortable in sitting.

Burns Night says:

What’s this guys job? Or is he just rich?

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