American Airlines Business Class 777 Flight Review

My first ever review of a US carrier – the American Airlines 777-300er featuring the AA flagship business class product.

This flight review was filmed on AA080 from Dallas Fort Worth to London Heathrow. It is an overnight flight so was a perfect opportunity to test out the American Airlines business class lay flat bed.

The American Airlines 777 business class flight review covers the Admirals Lounge at DFW, boarding, take off, the AA business class seat, inflight dining and entertainment. I also cover the American Airlines business class amenities kit.

For more flight reviews including British Airways, Qatar, Qantas, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, LATAM and Baltic Air please check out my channel.

Flight: AA080
Route: Dallas Fort Worth to London Heathrow
When: May 2017
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300er registration N734AR
Seat: 12J
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP55


Bryan Usrey says:

Pleasantly surprisesd. The seat looks nice. Food looks nice. Blows Delta One out of the water.

jbrownsjr says:

Great review as I”m doing SYD -LAX on the same 773 in biz. Cheers.

Jr Henry says:

Great vid mate!!!! Love the B77W, AA is my carrier of choice. They are getting there

Noah Bowie says:

American airlines didn’t actually design this seat. they just took the Cathay Pacific business class and changed the colours

The BFS Dude says:

This looks identical to the Cathey Pacific First Class, just a different color scheme.

ubbgn says:

Sry but u didnt get the full experience!

RadimentriX says:

oooh, you can’t keep the headphones? they always look so new in your videos, thought you own all that stuff after such an expensive flight. what about pajamas etc?

Tissaye says:

Most people cannot afford a luxury such as having a seat above economy class in their flights. I can barely afford economy class by itself!

Noah Bowie says:

unusual. a good crew on American

MountainDog20 says:

the seat and IFE system seems simmilar to KLM 787-9 first class.

Daniel Gremillion says:

I live in Dallas!!

Andrew Venning says:

Hey, Dennis, have you done AA 72 (SYD-LAX) on the 777-300? I’m doing it in three weeks in seat 3A. If you have done it, what lounge at SYD does AA use?

kumar avnish says:

American Airlines toll free number 1888 302 0444

Cantabrian NZL says:

Yes! thumbs-up alright for sure,enjoyed your video.,i too have been on BA and i found them at the time when i flew with them to be somewhat rather blam & the service was kinda luke warm.Have not been on American Airlines yet,but if i go back to the states then i would fly with them.

Boudie Benyehia says:

sorry but that seat looks awful! a screen that you can’t watch when reclined and an uncomfortable hump in your back when sleeping! when I used my points for upgrades, I don’t want to be mcgyver and figure out hacks just to sleep. product designers and quality control are supposed create premium experiences for passengers, what are these guys doing with their 1billion dollar profit. US carriers are unpolished garbage they don’t care about their passengers. Oneworld’s star airlines are Qatar and Cathay.

Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis says:

I appreciate your work. Good reviews.

Good4Y0u says:

That is a very nice travel kit.

Something says:

Bunnik’s reviews are better compared to other ones. For starters, he is more professional. In addition, he covers every aspect of the product and explains the advantages and disadvantages. I hope you continue your reviews!!!!

MrApc87 says:

Hi mate, I flew the Syd to lax return last year in August. On that flight they offered pj’s and slippers and also when the bed was made it was made with a cover for the seat which was slightly padded. Have they taken this away or just didn’t offer on this leg do you know?

Dixer 13 says:

Try delta one

United 1745 says:

I love American airlines

Jorge Manso says:

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TomatoMochi !! says:

Good job AA and on my favorite plane

Griffin Sutherland says:

Wow ur such a prick, not all airlines have dish washers on the planes to wash the glass cups that u so badly need, shut up.

Mathew says:

American Airlines first class is decent but Singapore Airlines,Emirates,etc are far more better.

GlobalTraveler.TV says:

Great video Dennis! Now I know what I wanna fly next time 😉 Cheers!

Zoya B.R says:


BigOldScout says:

Nice to see the food has improved since 2014. I did like the fact, that when I flew with them last, I didn’t get a window seat, but didn’t notice a person was sitting next to me.

Dave Jones says:

I wow never to fly out of the England. This company is spraying the skies to bring high altitude chemtrails that block the sun from reaching the earth. Research dr david Kieth Harvard University. Geoengineering to block sun all around the planet. Theses airlines are all up to the same scam to make you fly out of your country.

tyron edwards says:

“This would be stunning on a sunny day *England starts laughing*

shazia habib says:

really good but not so good like Emirates , Etihad and Qatar airways just like you said

Robloxer Elite says:

Do the delta one a350 when they release it this fall

migo Li says:

ain’t this seat basically cathay pacifc buissness

Mare S Ephemeral says:

Actually, the reason the bose headphones are collected 45 minutes before landing is for safety. They want to make sure the passengers can hear the evacuate command according to the ramp agent.

Muhanna says:

You should try the Saudi Airlines new First Class 777 – 300ER. It is the most improved airline of 2017. It went from having a 2-2-2 configuration in First Class to fully enclosed suites.

Matt B says:

Delta is great to. Fly buisness on delta from PDX to Amsterdam.

SweeturKraut says:

Just found these reviews today. I enjoy the respect the host has for the airlines. Even when there is a criticism, it is given in a respectful and supportive tone. Thank you.

Thijs de Jong says:

Looks like the Cathay setup, good quality

FlightSimulatorXATC says:

Do you get to keep the noise-canceling headphones?

Alo762 says:

Both MI6 and MI5 in same view at 5:17 ! And the Houses of Parliament , too!

Andrew Venning says:

Good work, Dennis. A question for you: How many business class flights a year do you take on average?

Sydney787Aviation says:

I love your videos! You are one of my favourite YouTubers! Do you have any plans for JL773/JL774? Melbourne Tokyo (YMML-RJAA)

PocketRishi says:

Amazing videos!!!! Ive been binge watching your channel for a few hours now, cant wait for more videos!!

Adam Stutt says:

Can pease do the Sydney to San Francisco flight with United or the Philippines Airlines flight from Brisbane to Manila. I would really like to hear your feedback about one of these flights .

g2macs says:

I’ve flown twice, both about six hour flights, and I am sooo jealous! I flew a 737 and I had exactly one inch of space in front
of my knees!

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