AMERICAN AIRLINES Best Business Class Seat

American Airlines Best Business Class Seat.
American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Business class seat.

Come fly American Airlines with me from London to New York and lets take a look at American’s Best business class seat.

To me American Airlines Best business class seat is featured on Their Boeing 777-300ER Aircraft and is the reverse herringbone business class seat, with direct aisle access for each passenger and a great seat layout its in my view the best business class seat they offer.

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American airlines Flight 107
Depart: London (LHR)
Arrive: New York (JFK)
STD: 5:00pm (ADP: 5:09pm)
STA: 8:00pm (ATA: 7:08pm)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Reg: N718AN
First Flight: 15th Nov 2012
Delivered to Airline: 19th Dec 2012
Seat: 4J
Flight Time: 6h 59M
Meal Service: Lunch & Arrival Snack

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WysteriaGuitar says:

Great flight report – thanks

RedcoMusic says:

When I was One World Sapphire, I remember using the BA Galleries lounge. The food was alright, but I was more interested in collecting the complimentary magazines. I’ve just uploaded another AA flight report!
– Red

Joshua Small says:

Have you every tried their first class product? Haven’t seen much reviews on that by anyone.

Daniel Hammond says:

It looked a lot more comfortable than steerage!

permanentvacation26 says:

I agree! I flew American Business on the 77W LHR-LAX in 2015 and it is an incredible seat, and service!

jimbohr says:

Another excellent review, and 4J is my favorite seat on the 777-300ER, when I am able to fly the aircraft. Happy, safe travels to you.

gaming with Jatin says:

Shout out pls my channel

Alan Stuart says:

Thank you James! Yet another excellent report! I will be travelling DFW-LHR on a AA 77W in the next couple of weeks and I will be in 3J. Good advice about the food! I too will be choosing the vegetarian option as it is far easier to digest especially at 38k/ft+. Again thank you! You are an intelligent, classy guy who takes time to reply to people who comment on your videos, thank you for that!

Zuhair Farouk says:

Flew American 777-300ER to Miami a few weeks ago and chose seat 4J myself. Really enjoyed the product. Much more room and storage than BA’s Club world seats. Only strange thing was the arm rest was not parallel to the seat but was parallel to the aisle so my arm/hand would be pointing away from me. Loved the personal air vents too as not many airlines offer personal air vents in their premium cabins.

Blake Edgington - Airborne says:

One of the more detailed and enjoyable reviews of this product that I have seen. Great stuff!

Brid O' Leary says:

Hi there! I always look forward to watching your trip reports and as usual another brilliant job. Thank you. Any views on United Dreamliner 787-10 in business class and Air Canada a330-300 business class? I will be taking both shortly and would love to know your opinion. Thank You.

gaming with Jatin says:


Zeshawn Nazir says:


george varughese says:

Great video! Happy new year! AA lost its way many years ago with me. Havent flown them since 1992. Delta is 100X better even though the planes are older. Better food, beverage, and service.

Steve Hofmaster says:

Nice video,great flight the food looked excellent as well.The seat looked very comfortable I’d say American offers a real awesome service on the 777.

Shane Germany says:

another great video, nice to see US carriers uping their standards as they seem to have fallen some what compared to Asian carriers, that sundae you had looked well nice, so whats so good about CX lounge than everyone else at LHR.

Ron Ortmeier says:

very nice

txxmiles says:

Thanks for another great Video

Flight Mode Couple says:

So American Airlines can do quality product too! 🙂 I flew AA in domestic First, it wasn’t good…

december 1to31 says:

Love the ATC

Paul Kacirek says:

Thanks again for a great video. Lots of narration this time. I prefer the sub titles and music. Most of your videos are self explanatory. Im sure you know which is more popular. Love the Traffic Control tape. Cheers

wagwot says:

I recognise that guy… Timbuktu bud!

Born 2 Skydive says:

Cool vid. This that stewardess chomping away on chewing gum while serving dinner is very poor I feel. You are not in a dinner or the TV show Happy Days..

cardiff_flyer says:

Looks like a very nice way too fly! And that sundae looked nice! Great video, really enjoyable.

Chris Pick says:

Awesome video.. What do you use to film? Keep steady? Go Pro? Gimble? window suction cup?

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