Allegiant Air HNL-LAX “Giant Seats” 757-200 ETOPS Review

Allegiant Airlines 757-200 HNL-LAX
Giant Seats Review
Filmed on June 10, 2015

I payed $80 each way or $160 round trip for these seats. While seats in Row 2 and 11 don’t recline, row three does. But Row 2 has substantially more legroom compared to row 3. I am 6ft 1in and my legs cannot even reach the bulkhead. Also what’s great or maybe not so great about these seats is that the lavatory is right in front. All in all, these are great seats. Well worth the up charge as they are comftorable enough for a 5 hour flight.


Bobby Paluga says:

I understand that on longer flights, Spirit Airlines is offering small power saws for rent. The reason being, after your quashed up your legs for hours and they go numb and turn black, you can saw them off, legroom won’t be a problem anymore.

DarkSoul76 says:

My trip was only like $200 xD

Michael Lorenzo says:

Sweet upload. We’re traveling in March and I can’t believe how the prices has jumped up. I’m researching allegiant air and this post is great. Can I ask how much they charge for luggage fees? Is the first luggage free?

Bob the Bomb says:

i was on that flight

TheRusschannel says:

i would never trust Allegiant on a long flight over water! No where to land when there engines catch fire :/

MrCliffda3rd says:

Didnt know they had 757s. They mostly have Md80s and a handful of Airbus a320s

dave canterra says:

ALLEGIANT! Allegiant is part of the fascist corporatocracy that is
america. They hire incompetents and train them to be good little
fascists by doing the
things these two lowlife flight attendants did. Allegiant is
representative of the mindset that the people are the enemies of the
corporatocracy…which if they’re smart, they are… and we’re to be
controlled..not protected and served. Fuck you Allegiant…big time!

Thomas Harbauer says:

Love that garden in the middle of HNL.
But i can’t wait for one of these to drop its engines because of bad maintainence. Most dangerous airline in the sky.

Bobby Paluga says:

Unfortunately no moving sidewalk, as in “I’d walk a mile, but at HNL I’d only be halfway to my gate”

Hubba Bubba says:

youre on a low cost carrier dude. ya get what you pay for….

DjLongCock says:

did u Crash?


Great video, Andrew…what size shoes do you wear???

ClipperMaidOfTheSeas says:

The seats you sat in are former DL F seats. You arrived into T 3 at LAX, not T5.

Jim New says:

Everyone is poo pooing Allegiant for safety issues, old planes, high baggage fees etc. I fly an old plane, actually a 70 year old Piper Cub.  I would rather have a good fare and pack lighter, and as far as the safety goes, the FAA has not grounded them and believe me, they are watching them with a magnifying glass. My son is thinking about applying for a pilot position with Allegiant, so I am all for that, cheap seats would turn into free seats for my wife and I. I don’t know if they would still charge us for baggage, but who cares. By the way they have not had a fatal accident, and every other airline has had numerous ones. So they must have good pilots that have been able to deal with the flight emergencies so far.

Alexandros Ramirez says:

that is shet

Julian Leon says:

I’m about to fly to Mississippi

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