Air New Zealand Business Class 787

My first Air New Zealand business class flight and the verdict was mixed. The crew and service were sensational, the entertainment system was really cool and the seats comfortable. But the cabin layout? No thanks.

On this Air NZ business class flight review I cover every aspect of my flight from Auckland to Adelaide on the beautiful 787. This includes the premium checkin and business class lounge at Auckland Airport, the boarding, take off, cabin layout (why did they go with this??), the seat and the amazing Air New Zealand crew.

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Route: Auckland, New Zealand (AKL) to Adelaide, Australia (ADL)
Length: 2,023 miles, 5 hrs
Flight: NZ191
When: May 2018
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 registration ZK-NZC – Sept 2013
Seat: 5K
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP53

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Jeb Brooks says:

Excellent review of a sub-par hard product! Can’t wait to see what’s going on in that secret hangar…

Chris McKellar says:

Air NZ Business Premier product is dubbed ‘coffin class’ by regular premium passengers and I agree with you, it is now outdated. To me, Business Premier is Premium Economy with a lay flat bed. When Air NZ introduced the product in 2004 when the airline took delivery of the B772’s is was a cool product. The reason it has lasted this long, is something to do with Air NZ licensing agreement from Virgin Atlantic to use the design. By the way, ‘coffin class’ will used on the Auckland t Chicago route, as the new Business Premier seat design will not be ready by the time service will start.

nagasako7 says:

lol if you have social phobias this plane isn’t for you.

Lucalife gamer LLG says:

I’m from New Zealand

Glenn Nolan says:

Wow looks horrible. No privacy. If I’m paying for J class I want privacy and space. Thanks for the review.

mpdcuk says:

Great review as always Dennis. Have disagree with you on Crowded House though. New Zealand’s greatest musical export has to be Flight of The Conchords!

The Wolf says:

Air Canada’s business class actually makes this one look outdated by the way. You should try Air Canada some time.

Unknown Traveller says:

I have just done the Air NZ business class San Fransisco to Brisbane via Auckland, and I agree about the seating arrangement it made for a very uncomfortable sleeping experience [ it was a 13 hour flight ] due to the small foot area and every time someone walked up the isle my feet were knocked. The toilets I thought were also very small and lacked any of the nice amenities other airlines provide. Staff were fantastic but this did not make up for the uncomfortable seating. I will stay with the other airlines next time.


Great review.This is why I never fly Air New Zealand because their business class cabin for big guests and people with disabilities just isnt comfortable.I hope the new business class seat will have a better and slightly wider seat and will have window access.I also hope the isle access is more disable friendly.Happy landings✈

Sean Hanlon says:

Another great video! Have you tried or do you plan on trying the Air NZ Economy Sky Couch? Seems interesting, might provide better window views!

Adam Murphy says:

Great work as usual Dennis! I couldn’t agree more about the seat design on NZ. That is what has put me off flying them in business so far. Glad to hear that they are looking at changing things up. Looking forward to the next review. Cheers

Blake says:

Also ‘like’ if you said “Cheers, here’s to a great flight” when Dennis tipped his beer toward the camera.

George Zaharoff says:

Hi Dennis! I don’t like these seats either. Virgin has the exact same and I didn’t like the feet thing either. I say this all the time, you’re a handsome gent!

WD Harris says:

I don’t like the seating….they remind me of Virgin Upper Class.

Awarua Spirit says:

A very fair review Dennis. And I really hope Air NZ contact you to rip apart their new J product at the design stage. Go hard! You’d be a total asset to Air NZ given your breath of experience. Yes I am biased being a kiwi but Air NZ crew and IFE , food etc are pretty good and balance out the shortcomjngs of the hardware. I personally prefer their Prem Economy as it is basically business class lite – without looking at people’s feet! But as you say their J class product is now showing its design age. First put onto the 772s abt 11+ years ago I think when Air NZ co-adopted the Virgin Atlantic herringbone design. Ditto Cathay, Air Canada and a few others. If has now been eclipsed. Why oh why did they stick with the urinal design as launch customer for the 789? Or even go reverse herringbone? Its not like Boeing didnt dick them around for a cple of years. I summise they went for consistency of cabin product which the likes of SQ and Qatar certainly do struggle with in my experience. Still it will be really interesting to see their new J class product. I have confidence it will be best in class, just as the urinal design was when first launched ; remembering it was cutting edge and the first design allowing every passenger direct aisle access when everyone else was offering 2x2x2 (or even 2x3x2). Just a note on wifi…the airnz longhaul fleet is being enabled but for the moaners out there who wonder why the tardiness in rolling out wifi just look at a map of the south pacific and youll see the huge oceanic distances over which air nz flies e.g. from NZ to Argentina. Until recently there simply wasnt the infrastructure in place to allow reliable satellite coverage in the Sth Pacific like say Nth America, Europe or Asia have. The economics of population I guess (4m+ vs hundreds of millions elsewhere).

The Parks says:

I would absolutely hate that configuration. Lucky you are here to suffer so I don’t have to. I’ll stick with another airline. Thanks as always Dennis!

Someone 234 says:

To anyone wondering why These seats are facing towards the Aisle, It’s because the airline can cram more seats into the Business class cabin.

Matt M says:

Thanks Dennis, I’ve been waiting for months for this one! To be fair, not as scathing as I thought it would be. If you’ve seen Stefan Drury’s review of AirNZ BP product you’d probably understand what I’m getting at.

When I fly AirNZ Business (and when most the widebody BP products are scheduled departing to Australia) it is usually in the morning … and my biggest issue with AirNZ BP product is that I struggle to see the difference between offerings in the Koru Lounge, and on-board breakfast. It is a little frustrating as you want a distinct point of difference on board, and if it’s the same as what you just had in the lounge, then it’s a bit disappointing. Does anyone else think the same or differently?

Blake says:

THANK YOU for pointing out the insanity that is ANZ’s J class layout. I wish airlines would stop trying to make pax sit at a 45 degree angle, backwards, upside down, length-wise. Enough! Just forward, perhaps in staggered seating to increase privacy, but nonetheless forward facing. All I can imagine in Air New Zealand’s config is the impact of my head on the bulkhead to the side of me if that aircraft ever had some kind of direct impact or bad landing. There looks to be about 30cms of space separating those two things.

bmw320i2 says:

I love that layout. I’ve flown across the Pacific in it 20 times as well as to Asia. The fold down bed is the most comfortable I’ve ever flown (excepting SQ First but that’s a whole different story). People who complain about it are missing the point that at night your head is away from the aisle with complete privacy. Given that Air New Zealand flights are mainly over water and most long hauls leave at night – who cares about looking out the window – and I’m an AVgeek! Also, the champagne isn’t in a beer glass – it’s a small stable glass that preserves the bubbles. Having had a glass of champagne on another carrier arse itself over in turbulence I can tell you which one I prefer.

Kieran Macdonald says:

Yip the seats go the wrong way. It must have seemed a good idea 10 years ago when Air NZ introduced them, and is better than a straight foward configuration for longhaul. Now as we know it is a little strange. But my guess they will turn them around on the new ones to face out to the Windows. But in my experience the Air NZ crew are awesome and have more than made up for any issues

Shoaib Shariff says:

Was anyone else concerned the cookie would fall off the plate?

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