Air Italy: Alone in business class on a very old 737

This was my first Air Italy experience and I got the whole business class cabin to myself!!

Flying from Milan to Cairo this flight review covers the Air Italy Business Class service including the airport lounge, the cabin, seats and inflight meals.

Air Italy is a low cost carrier but in business class does provide in-flight meals and drinks.

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Route: Milan, Italy (MXP) to Cairo, Egypt (CAI)
Length: 1,629 miles, 3:30 hrs
Flight: IG805
When: July 2018
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 registration EI-FDS – May 1999
Seat: 4A
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP53

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Gregory Epps says:

Product looks dreadful…..

Priya Paul says:

I love you Dennis amazing video as always

Stephen Reddin says:

Been watching your Air NZ review of premium economy a few times.
Heading to Adelaide from Auckland next month.
Fantastic review as always

Murrr Mcgee says:

Dennis i have no idea how u keep the standard of yoir videos this high so make sure u keep up the great work

Gabriel Brennan says:

part owned by Bob Katter??

Craig Fernandes says:

Ouch! wonder what economy would look like.

Kitty Fury says:

This aircraft doesn’t look very pleasant to me

motty k says:

17 yrs old is not so old … Planes go for 25+yrs … Why haven’t the Europeans taken out that stupid middle seat yet ???

s2v8377 says:

It looks like Air Italy will be just as much of a disaster and money loser for Qatar as Alitallia was for Etihad. Ha ha!!!


please review garuda

rayban7788 alawi says:

To short review .. Its very old plane .. Food presentation is not good .. Any way thanks for sharing

Brad MacK says:

When I saw that this video was only 4 1/2 minutes long I gathered Air Italy wasn’t much chop. 🙂

Sky View Ireland says:

Air (SH)Italy

Avneel Abhishay says:

Low cost or not they should at least offer iPad in business class for passengers. Fiji Airways gives iPad to business class passengers in planes that do not have seatback IFE

Bigwillystab Tab says:

Hey Dennis ,
What search engine do you use to book/pick your flights ?

Do you not get to see the aircraft they will be using before you book?
Could you do s video going into detail of what it is exactly you do ,how you book your flights and if/how/when you use/redeem points??

Marco Polo says:

Not worth the fare. Dull airline

Daniel Hammond says:

Gin seems a basic! But perhaps for Italians it is less popular?

Jack Willis says:

I love your reviews, Dennis!

The Cornells says:

Excellent review as ever, Dennis. How about some more economy reviews as well. Great work, love it. Thanks.. Get a TV channel asap.

Paul's Trip Reports says:

“Cloud juice” LOL, I’ll have to remember that one… where I’m from we call it “council juice” or “peasant pop”.

frisbeeeater says:

I wonder how many stewards Dennis has pulled. Who can resist this sexy man

Wazzap54 says:

Thanks for the warning. Looks like you were served the entire Business Class allocation of food.

VJLove BEAUTY says:

Since this was a low cost flight. I think the service and food was to be expected.

Greg Caesar says:

Heay’s Auhstralian.

Niko Laiho-Sikorski says:

Second not so good review for this company in Youtube in the last few weeks… Alitalia not getting much better reviews either. When will the Italian companies wake up?

Tim says:

No liquorich all-sorts in the lounge!!

dvebmb says:

Another great review Dennis!

B1squitz says:

19 y/o is not that much for an airplane

Pit Spielmann says:

The only reason why I would actually be interested in watching an “Air Italy” flight review is because it’s on Dennis’ channel ; – )

FireCracker3240 says:

I’m very glad you chose to upload this video, regardless of the subpar nature of this flight. It’s so interesting to see the mundane, along with the extraordinarily luxurious experiences.

WashuOtaku says:

Dennis missed an amazing opportunity to build a pillow fort in the sky.

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