Air France Business Class on the Boeing 787

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I jumped at the opportunity to fly Business Class on the Air France 787 on a recent work trip to Egypt and Europe. This flight was between Cairo and Paris – only 4.5 hours but plenty of time to check out the Air France Business Class product. Being a new aircraft the Boeing 787 features the flagship Air France Business Class seat.

This business class flight review covers check-in, the Saudi Business Class lounge at Cairo Airport, boarding, take-off, the Air France in-flight service, the amenities provided and the business class seat which converts into a lay flat bed.

This flight was filmed on AF 567 from Cairo to Paris. See below for more details.

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Route: Cairo (CAI) to Paris (CDG)
Length: 1,998miles, 4:35 hrs
Flight: AF567
When: November 2017
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 registration F-HRBC
Seat: 7K
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP55

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Félix Maltchinski says:

Air France is now using the 787 to ABJ and NBO.

cheeseInt says:

finally, you made it to AF !!

Yoel Febrian says:

Awesome just awesome. A very detailed yet entertaining review. Keep it up, Dennis 🙂

oldmanc2 says:

Foot light is great – am always dropping stuff on the floor.

RbkStatsz says:

Dennis “cheers to a great flight” Bunnik

CryMeARiver says:

Everytime you upload i get ridiculously excited!!! Keep up the great videos!!

goodfilmful says:

Dennis, I love you man, but you have absolutely no idea what teenagers are like

Jake Lloyd Thomas says:

Brill vid keep up the hard work

Jing M says:

Great video as always – thank you very much for sharing your travel experiences

Kareem Mahmoud says:

Is there no taxiing or takeoff montage?

George Zaharoff says:

Handsome gent! Great report. Thank you for posting. I am going to say you are Greek. When I first looked at you I thought “he looks Greek.” And then I saw you look up Athens and thought “99.9% chance he is a Greek because only a Greek would look up Athens on a Cairo-Paris flight.”

I always wondered why airlines use their int’l planes for flights to Cairo, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Moscow whereas flights to Athens is their European fleet.

Unknown Traveller says:

1, 2, 1 should be the way all business classes are configured. I really dislike the 2, 2, 2 setup.

theoneandonlybosable says:

I would like to vouch for all teenagers and let it be known that there’s no way an atlas and an outdated instant messenger would be entertaining for hours.

fry888chip says:

Keep up the great content Dennis! Love your videos and the subtle humour!

MBP 1 says:

Hi Dennis, I notice you always touch the plane when boarding. This is something all of our family does after my youngest daughter started doing it many years ago. If shes not with us we still ‘touch the plane’. Love your videos.

Bryan tan says:

Please do ANA or Japan Air Premium economy. They have lounge access in Narita Airport and there not many video.

Patrick Pick says:

Great Video/review as always. Shame you didn’t take the full meal, would be interested in their wonderful French entree’s.

tom m says:

A very helpful/informative video………thanks for posting it & keep up the great work.

Noah Bowie says:

Fantastic video

louis boulter says:

Same as KLM Word Buisness Class but with a different colour palate

Mitchell Gibbs says:

Is there a reason why you touched the outside of the plane before you stepped on board? Superstition?

Geraint Atherton says:

I wonder if the floor light is there in case you drop something?

Speedbird1 FLY says:

As ever great video. Could I please feature your channel on mine? Comments on my videos are always welcome

The Supreme Dragon says:

Thank you for such a good video. I know I can count on you for informative and entertaining videos.

IsaacDoesRandom says:


Adrian Nelson says:

Hmm no issues, are you sure it was Air France? Nothing but trouble each of the 5 times I’ve flown with them :/

K Ben says:

Cheers Dennis for a brief yet detailed review. I watched Sam Chui before but now you are easily my favourite aviation reviewer. Please do more economy reviews, majority of air travel happens in the economy sector and I would never travel business or first class even if I had the money unless for a special occasion. Keep up the good work, good on ya mate.

DaD says:

Good to see a business class seat with a push down arm rest for a bit extra width and I would be interested to find out which airlines offer this feature Great video Dennis 🙂

One World Flyer says:

Wonderful video as always! That pyramid is cute

Keeley Schloss says:

What is your favourite company you have flown with??

Christian Zamroud says:

Dennis the same business class is available on the boeing 777 300ER

Rory McNicol says:

Yayyyyyyyyy another video from dennis bunnik your videos are the best

Trinh William says:

Nice Vid Denis!

oldmanc2 says:

Best flight review channel on YouTube. That’s what I tell my friends: and I work for an Airline!!

BC3012 says:

Dennis were you worried about terrorist attacks on tourists in Egypt?

maximillian oscar hendrawan says:

so impressed when the national carrier of AIRBUS KINGDOM placed have a 787s family haha :D.
superb flight report dennis, very good

Jurre Valk says:

what a top video!

HaggisandScotch says:

Will you be doing other forms of Travel soon? Plane Travel is fine ,but what about Trains and cruises. Good Video though keep up the good work.

The RealButcher says:

As long as they serve real bean coffee…

FireCracker3240 says:

I am so broke I can’t even afford to pay rent or buy Ramen noodles. But I love living vicariously through Dennis’s videos. Thank you so much!

Matthew Hector says:

Great video Dennis , flew on the AF 787 during the training flights between cdg and lhr

Tratten says:

How was the short-haul flight?

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