Air Canada Signature Class – Business Class Kicked Up

Air Canada recently launched their New Signature Class on their wide body aircraft. The new class offers domestic and US fliers great new services, menus and full lie-down beds complete with mattress pads, duvets and pillows. All this is unheard of for North American travel.


lipefas says:

Two videos with the same content? Was expecting the international flight experience. Maybe a glitch?

yvr2002rtw says:

Seems like Air Canada is beating Cathay Pacific (CX) in Business Class on similar length flights! CX doesn’t even offer mattresses on their long haul flights let alone their regional flights within Asia. Also, they heat and serve their main courses in those ugly economy class style casserole dishes. While they are rolling out new restaurant style dining concept, their 3-4 hour Asian regional flights will still use those ugly casseroles.

Daniel M says:

You officially have the best job ever!

滚动报道【国际新闻】 says:

1) Air Canada, only offers this service in TORONTO! Not Vancouver, not Calgary, not Montreal, but ONLY Toronto.

2) I been there 2 months ago, AC still put me in Domestic maple leaf lounge, although I have Star Gold Status….. plus, it was 4 PM and the only dish is Pasta… which run out in less than 3 minutes…..

3) It is obvious that Air Canada has used double standards… since I paid my business ticket in cash, while people departing from Toronto have access to signature suite, while the only thing I have is the so called “ Renovated Lounge at Vancouver…..”

Again, Air Canada has long way to go. It needs to treat its customers fairly.

184 Andahalfton says:

Great review as always. Well done and keep em coming!

Samjai Sam says:

That might change my view about Air Canada! If their Business Class fares are cheaper than Cathay Pacific’s I would probably consider them from HK to Vancouver next time.

Paras Dodhia says:

Air Canada business class is poor from lounge to inflight.

harkmi3 says:

This is just the original business class with a few extra bells and whistles. The seat is exactly the same. AC has offered the transcontinental lie-flat service for years on select departures.

bikephil says:

Swell, what better way to burn $1500. Waste of money.

David Faith says:

Ha ha ha Nothing says Canada like burbon.

bob bob says:

Premium economy is pretty good on the dramliner

lakehighland says:

I’ve been looking for a review! Flying next week on AC 😀

AdrianJayeOnline says:

if I was dying of cancer or needed a kidney transport to save my life i would NEVER EVER FLY AC again, bunch of pirates

Eclipsed830 says:

Air Canada is horrible and this video seems like nothing more than a paid advertisement. I mean, ya got to tell us an airline lounge has beer and wine? Duh. Also, “how Canadian is their signature drink?” Not very Canadian if it’s using bourbon which is US whiskey… did they run out of rye? lol

Jessica Neon says:

I flew with Air Canada on their business class from YYZ to YVR last April and I didn’t get those domestic flight amenity kits! Did they just started giving those amenity kits just this month or last month???

pete parker says:


Mario Roussel says:

Is this replacing first or Business class?

REDTVCanada says:

Nice job with capturing the clips throughout the trip. It’s not easy to do…and then, to put it into a flow. Well done. I hope to experience Signature Class one day. Cheers.

claus stimpfig says:

thank you and for sure I can perceive improvments. but still AC has no international FIRST CLASS. And signature can not replace that…..AF,LH or EK do some much better n Firsz with the caviar service

Austin Oidas says:

Aircanada did this becouse WestJet is coming out with Westjet new business class on there new 787-9 dreamliner they need to stay ahead of the game

Richard C says:

Unfortunately the same average product on other flights like YEG-YYZ or YYC-YYZ. All in old planes with filthy cabins. My last business class flight with Air Canada, the crew spent the entire flight in the galley bitching about the company and their schedules. So unprofessional I could not wait to get off the plane.

Richard Spacer says:

Looks great. USA carriers cannot compare with this great product.

music201035 says:

There amazing I flew with the 787 yyz to YVR and honestly I am so honoured and blessed to fly business class with them.. Though they really need to improve the ife it’s boring lol.. The rest is amazing..


Isnt that just basicly the same BC on the dreamliner

strongforu says:

I’m flying Air Canada Business Class to Sydney, Australia in a couple of weeks and hope I’m on one of the routes offering this new upgraded service.

Assante Freeman says:

This was a thorough and professional review. You’ve gained a new subscriber and a new fan.

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