Air Canada Business Class Review – 787 Long Haul

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I flew from New Jersey (just next to New York) to Melbourne on the Air Canada 787 in business class. How was it? Watch this video to find out.

I’d been wanting to try Air Canada for many years and it has been one of the most requested airlines on this channel. So to say I was looking forward to this flight was an understatement – it was also the last leg home on a long, busy around-the-world work trip so that was another reason to look forward to it!
This Air Canada Business Class review covers the entire experience from airport check-in at Newark, through to the airport lounges in both Newark and Vancouver as well as boarding, take off, the Air Canada business class seat, inflight service, entertainment system, meals and amenities – I even test out the Air Canada signature drink and the business class lay flat bed! Join me, let’s experience it together.

Route: Newark (EWK) to Vancouver (YVR)
Length: 2,426 miles, 5:11 hrs
Flight: AC549 Seat 7K
Route: Vancouver (YVR) to Mebourne (MEL)
Length: 8,211 miles, 15 hrs
Flight: AC37 Seat 7A
When: 17 Nov 2018
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 registration C-FRSI (Jan 2017)
Camera: Panasonic HC-VX1

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Fred Smith says:

Try flying Air Canada as a person of color. Very different experience. Probably the most racist country I have been to. That and Australia.

dcjimr1 says:

Loved the video! I wish AC flew nonstop between DC and Vancouver. Flying through LAX is never fun. Glad to see it’s cooled off a bit in Adelaide!

Mike Lee says:

Air Canada BC really improved. Good on them!

John Doe says:

Glitch in the Matrix between 13:42 and 13:55

K M says:

Is it me or did Dennis’s Brooklyn accent sneak in as he was speaking through that fake aussie accent lol

Jumingan Budiono says:

Do you think Air Canada better than Singapore Airline

John T says:

So by now, business class is pretty much the same across all well known airlines except a couple of airlines that excel…so YouTube reviews really come down to the reviewers…..and Dennis is just awesome! Always awesome mate!

John R says:

12:20 Beautiful.

Patrick Morales Ramon says:

My favourite airline

Elise Driver says:

Can you do Virgin Australia’s VA1 from Sydney to LA.?

Navin Kumar says:

Greetings from New Jersey. Great videos. You should do a review of the EWR-SIN or EWR-HKG flights.

jad wehbe says:

the cabin looks like it was designed by a doctor lol

Moe E. says:

You should make your way through Toronto … to try the signature class lounge, it’ll be well worth the trip, I Promise!

Great video as always!!

Kade Brown says:

Excellent videos as always Dennis! Question what is the make and model of your laptop that is sometimes seen in your videos?

Conor Churchill says:


kirsten_ducky says:

I’ve had the longest two days away for work, so getting home to see this video ready to be watched was just the welcome home I needed. Dennis, you crack me up every week! 🙂

Janine Bell says:

Certainly one try, yay Air Canada.

free4lifeau says:

Always found Air Canada to be great too.

PikachuIce says:

10:01 we’ve been stopped for de icing on an airbus a321. It was fun

OverUnderwhelmed says:

A few notes on Newark Airport…they’re really convenient if you live in or are staying in downtown NYC or on the West Side. Sometimes it’s even faster from the east side of Manhattan if you’re taking the train to the airport.

You just basically zip through the Lincoln or Holland Tunnel or the George Washington Bridge (especially easy and fast on early morning flights or other not peak traffic times, since almost no one commutes from NYC into New Jersey) and it’s closer and more convenient than JFK and that hellhole LaGuardia.

It’s also very convenient to and from Penn Station in Midtown West. Just take a New Jersey transit regional commuter train and there’s a station right at the airport.

So while EWR could definitely use some improvements, there are times when it definitely has an advantage over JFK.

Aviation4life Nz says:

Thank you Dennis. Very cool

Burkey In the Sandpit says:

Great video Dennis very informative

david letterman says:

You don’t mention the cost on these flights?

fransarj says:

Please do a Philippine airlines a350 business class review? They currently fly them on JFK and LHR routes with frequent MEL routes as well

Tomas Williams says:

Horray! I’ve been waiting for you to ride Air Canada so I can see what you think, so glad you enjoyed it!!! #proudcanadian

PikachuIce says:

8:08 why does everyone say it’s vancouver? It’s technically Richmond. Vancouver’s actually a bridge away from the airport

dmairplane says:

9:57 I work for the deicing company in Vancouver, so cool to watch those clips!

Marvin Tenholder says:

The video, Air Canada, was interesting and informative. And I have been on flights within Australia where the planes had to be de-iced, travelling from Hobart to other Australian capital cities.

Michael Tondi says:

How does he go almost 24 hours and no 5 o’clock shadow?

TheCpage66 says:

Now try the United 787 product between Sydney and Houston…think you will be pleasantly surprised…and it’s WiFi enabled…

Marcus LeeP says:

Looking very nice….You fly fly safe…

williamlee0 says:

Please stop spamming your own content. I will never try Fastlane and I don’t want to hear about it suddenly and randomly in your reviews.

Charlie Langdon says:

when you landed you said the same thing twice

DennisBunnik Travels says:

Turns out this is my highest rating video of my last 10 videos! Thanks heaps for the support. I really appreciate it. Big thanks also to Dashlane for sponsoring – don’t forget to check them out. Their app has made my life much easier (and more secure!).

Tazzie Devil04 says:

i hate the new AC livery who thinks the same

Tyler says:

Another great video

Richard Huang says:

I can easily tell the your status difference between you board in NY and change hoody in the toilet. You look much more worn out. 16 hours flight is really a horrifying thing.

sankimalu says:

Canadians are very positive in general, until you mention Air Canada; all hell breaks loose.

Steven E says:

The thing about air Canada is that though their business class is excellent, their economy is horrific. And their ground handling of delays and all that stuff is pathetic. Canadian airports are fantastic and very relaxing even without lounge access from a premium cabin. I just wish they would stop their serious cost cutting in economy. Many of the FAs in economy realise that their product and especially catering is insufficient and subpar and I have a couple good stories to tell about service. Some FAs have made the flights memorable despite the disappointments in the products.

Also I’ve never seen koshari (a staple Egyptian dish) on a flight. You’d think EgyptAir would serve that but they don’t

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