Air Canada Business Class Review – 787 Long Haul

** This is a re-upload due to false copyright claims through YouTube **

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I flew from New Jersey (just next to New York) to Melbourne on the Air Canada 787 in business class. How was it? Watch this video to find out.

I’d been wanting to try Air Canada for many years and it has been one of the most requested airlines on this channel. So to say I was looking forward to this flight was an understatement – it was also the last leg home on a long, busy around-the-world work trip so that was another reason to look forward to it!
This Air Canada Business Class review covers the entire experience from airport check-in at Newark, through to the airport lounges in both Newark and Vancouver as well as boarding, take off, the Air Canada business class seat, inflight service, entertainment system, meals and amenities – I even test out the Air Canada signature drink and the business class lay flat bed! Join me, let’s experience it together.

Route: Newark (EWR) to Vancouver (YVR)
Length: 2,426 miles, 5:11 hrs
Flight: AC549 Seat 7K
Route: Vancouver (YVR) to Mebourne (MEL)
Length: 8,211 miles, 15 hrs
Flight: AC37 Seat 7A
When: 17 Nov 2018
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 registration C-FRSI (Jan 2017)
Camera: Panasonic HC-VX1

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Shikhar Shah says:

Speaking as a Canadian – we literally all hate air canada. Can’t speak to the business class seat in particular, and I’m commenting befor even hearing about the service, but we all HATE it. If there was an airline that cared less about its passengers, you couldn’t snow it to me. And Canadians are universally aware. We have much better choices even locally.

I strongly recommend West Jet* over AC- at least in economy.

Joshua Wood says:

Which is the best airline to fly with to Slovenia in Business class

Two Bins says:

We are right behind you Dennis. YT should be channelling their focus on content that can damage kids and young people.

BajaMedic says:


gibbs1966 says:

Nice FedEx plane there.. I work for FedEx her in Oslo,Norway as a courier

Great video,again 🙂

Greetings from Oslo,Norway

David W. Smith says:

Fight the good fight, mate.

thetwopointslow says:

No one messes with DB!!!

Toni-Lee Andrews says:

What a great review. I’ve been a follower of your reviews Dennis now for a while and I think they’re great. Been early retired now for a few years and have been heading off on trips overseas but these days business class only. Worked too long and hard to now skimp in my retirement. I love your reviews and am planning to head back to NYC. Might check out the Canada Business Class from Sydney.

supaginge says:

threaten to take them to court for it

Peter Donov says:

Aah, it all started so well with the whisky&gin cocktail, but then NO PAJAMAS!!! This really can ruin your week, I tell you. Has Canada lost its hospitality?!

David Stone says:

It’s way past time for a new platform to replace YouTube. It’s too open for abuse like this bull***t. We want freedom!

Jonathan Bussey says:

I see your on a team building leadership book kinda theme. Can’t recommend enough the books by jocko willink. Really good and entertaining too.

Joe Ruzzi says:

Thanks for another fine video, Dennis. I wonder how many of your viewers also have a “ritual” upon boarding, eg like touching the plane’s fuselage . Mine is never stepping on the threshold when embarking. 🙂

Gym S says:

Stop saying nyc when its Newark

Joshviz says:

Hey Dennis, watching Incredibles 2 by any chance on that flight?

Planes, Trains, Everything. says:

Some people seem to be out just to create trouble for others. Your videos are fabulous, so good on you for standing your ground.

John Sim says:

I’ve heard of others having problems with the copyright system on YouTube. Seems a new way to make money off YouTube is to randomly tag copyright breaches and divert the revenue stream to them.

Hank Guo says:

I had the luck to take this AC 787 back 2015 when they just launch this new Business class product. This is the only seat that the firmness adjustment of the mattress works!

J D says:

Hey Dennis, good work, don’t let those bas***ds win!
Really, who has time to make such petty, false complaints? The video is still great, thanks for loading it again!
I really love Air Canada crews, It is true that the business class seat is a little tight, but the hospitality from staff is great.

metalbeast1998 says:

What’s the average price you pay for these tickets?

J F says:

your mums right…have all three deserts…and finish them …remember all the unfortunate people flying united 😉

vyomps says:

Lovely report as always 🙂 unfortunately Air Canada isn’t such a great airlines for an average traveller when flying economy as compared to the other alternatives in terms of inflight service.

Aloha Snack says:

Am I the only one who kept hearing “make believe lounge”? With the pixies and Tinkerbell.

Wisdom Tree Craft says:

20th comment! YAY!!!! 🙂

Makalo Lee says:

How is the availability of Air Canada? Which program do you prefer, Lifemiles or Aeroplan? Thanks!

David Crofts says:

I was having severe deja vu until I read your description.

Kamal LB says:

787 and it’s ICONIC wings❤❤

Liam Batson says:

Loved the reupload. It’s a shame that you had the claim

Pritam Koli says:

Five star coverage

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