Air Canada 787 Dreamliner International Business Class Review – Everything You Need to Know

Take a ride with us from YVR (Vancouver) – PVG (Shanghai) with Air Canada’s 787-8 Dreamliner. With new International business class pods and new menus, Air Canada is making their mark in the competitive International market. On this flight report, we go through everything from the 18″ screen, meal options, to the massaging seats.


Ethan Singh says:

Do you get to keep the amenity kit?

Stephen Bradshaw says:

Best Review I have seen by far Thank you, looking forward to my Flight on this plane in October

bdf corporation says:

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Tottie Parsons says:

go to America

Kent Pang says:

Noice! YVR Airport.

Steven E says:

8:15. Shot of the classic pods? Haha

Guy Beaulieu says:

Yeah Brian.

fc uk says:

awesome review :). beats what a lot of people are saying about their service and what’s offered

Susan kinn says:

nice video for more video visit

Shawn says:

Im watching this with air Canada ear buds

B T says:

Great video. I wanted to add a feature that wasn’t mentioned but I feel is a very important one though it isn’t seen or heard: the 20% humidity vs. 4% on other planes. On long hauls in particular, the higher humidity almost negates the typical tiredness and spacey feeling one gets. It’s great to feel refreshed at the end of 10 hours or more and be able to function as if one just drove 3 hours in a convertible on a sunny day!
If at all possible when booking a long flight, choose one with this aircraft.

Bill Oxford says:

great job. perfect. thanks

Steve Hofmaster says:

great airplane,I can’t wait to try this service on Air Canada, wonderful video!

dcjimr1 says:

Great review, Brian! Also love your car reviews.

elsamso says:

cool vid man. thanks

Benjamin Laquerre says:

I went in that business I love it!

Mark L says:

Excellent review. Love the tone of your voice and commentary. Keep it up.

alan4sure says:

This airline is Canada’s equivalent to United airlines. They even partner together. Want your baggage damaged? Your dream vacation ruined by being bumped? Your child kept off the plane because he got bumped? And do you want to have to fight tooth and nail for compensation? Then THIS is the airline for you. Whenever a Canadian airline is in the news for mistreatment of paying passengers, it is invariably AIR CANADA. Very sad, and to think we sucker taxpayers have bailed out this airline repeatedly.

Jay Eff says:

I flew on this plane, the exact same route. One of the most pleasant flying experiences I’ve ever had.

Hammad Muhammad says:

never fly north american airlines…go with the big 3 from middle east, singapore or turkish !!! Great value for money, far superior service.


Cool-I’m flying this airliner/business class from Asia to the US this December!

Conrad says:

2:14 Oooh a what a cool feature. I bet I could annoy the passengers onboard texting annoying stuff and cause an emergency landing so that I could get kicked out in Greenland. XD

The Wolf says:

Quite a good review by the way. Definitely a big step up from the 777.

kenny toong says:

I was in 3A and the cubicle was comfortable all the way to Beijing

Jo Daniel says:

Book your flight tickets now enjoy your trip

Carved Parachute says:

Great review

xechs88 says:

love this plane. Pretty much fly air canada, japan and quatar version for this plane. The singapore and Air France 777 is another great plane and airline combo. Not only smooth ride but lots of room for airlines to make unique first/business class.

Lisa Martin says:

Informative!! To know more:

undercovereye1 says:


Iamashishgarg says:

Definitely a thumbs up, flying 787 soon, lets see how it goes! Thanks for the review.

Ren 54 says:

B787-8? or -9?


Cool-I’m flying this airliner/business class from Asia to the US this December!

shbitz says:

Lmao . He said unless you’re a camal I’m sure you will visit the washroom .hahaha .

John Argus says:

Why can’t I just get fries?!


Cool-I’m flying this airliner/business class from Asia to the US this December!

Brandon Meiklejohn says:

This is a great review. Its very professional and well done!

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