Air Baltic Bombardier CS300 Business Class

Europe’s coolest little airline has done it again – this time with their business class on the brand new CS300 aircraft.

This Air Baltic business class review was filmed on a flight between Madrid and Riga. The review covers Madrid International Airport, boarding, take off, the Air Baltic inflight service including inflight food and drink, the wonderful Air Baltic cabin crew and of course the Bombardier CS300 aircraft.

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Route: Madrid, Spain (MAD) to Riga, Latvia (RIX)
Length: 1,675 miles, 3:40 hrs
Flight: BT686
When: April 2018
Aircraft: Bombardier CS300
Registration YL-CSB – Dec 2016
Seat: 2A
Camera: Sony FDR-AXP53

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loesepoes18 says:

Hey Dennis, a great video again. Thanks! I wonder if you still speak Dutch?

Seth Campbell says:

Always excited when you upload! Great vid as always!

Nigel says:

The 20KG limit is probably a lifting limit for the baggage handlers. 25KG for certain items changed to 20KG a number of years ago (UK). It’s an issue with back strain lifting heavy items. Basically it’s ‘Health and Safety’ with ‘risk assessments’ that have been carried out. Which is a good thing, looking after staff’s wellbeing. Great content btw.

WD Harris says:

Great to see you “partake” in the alcoholic bev’s

My Travelogue says:

I like your videos – all of them, quite hook, actually. Your narration is clear and comments, blunt. Just curious, are some of your flights sponsored or paid for by the airline?

Pad z says:

Dennis, Any plans to do another Q&A soon?

Peizxcv says:

Europe is quickly going to hell in a hand basket. The continent that defined “refined taste” for two centuries is now doing things all on the cheap. You’d get much more service and quality out of East Asia now.

Jeb Brooks says:

Can’t wait to try a CS300, Dennis! Thanks for the intro and, of course, great video!

Charles Cottrell says:

It’s nice because I’m Latvian, and I’ve flown YL-CSB from Riga to London twice

Peizxcv says:

The reason is to get more fees out of you.

Brookman Aviation says:

Great video once again! I’ll be using Madrid airport for the first time in August and after your review i will be allowing some extra time!

Sam Lebrun says:

Amazing video. is it better comapred to other low-cost airlines you have taken?

Dylan says:

Very odd checked luggage limit…. They will increase it to 32KG for 50 EUR (32KG seems to be the typical hardcap – must be max baggage handlers allow?), but that doesn’t really explain the 20KG limit….

Also note it is an AirBaltic limit – not one just for that airport.

“On airBaltic flights, the maximum weight of one piece of checked baggage is 20 kg, and the maximum dimensions of the bag are 100x50x80 cm.” They allow for absolutely huge cases, just weirdly low weight allowances…

Bobby Caride says:

You should make a video where you fly Norwegian on the 737 max 8 from some place in Europe to the east coast United States

Karl P says:

People rave about the Bombardier CS, it’s actually the most modern airliner out there in series production. Large windows, higher cabin pressure, larger toilets, very quiet, bigger cabin stowage bins etc. A lot of “lessons learned” went ito it.

Dream AV says:

European business class is a joke

zoltan902 says:

Not sure ifI’d be so quick to accept an economy class seat as business just because no one is sitting next to me.

Parimal , says:

Which one you found better, CS300 or A320neo ?

Bob Herron says:

Wow thats speaks volumes

paper aviation 147 says:

Great video, i started watching your videos last summer while looking at videos on united airlines. I would like to see a review on Philippine Airlines to see your take on this airlines that has recently gained a 4-star rating

kirsten_ducky says:

Such a shame you had a bad experience at Madrid airport. I’ve used the airport several times and always found it so efficient, especially the quick security process. Air Baltic seems great…definitely adding them to my to-do list!

Type2diabetic Free says:

Could not agree more about Madrid Airport… I had to run like Mo Farah to make a connecting Iberia flight and did not see my luggage for 5 days, I thought CDG was confusing and a bit of a mess but for me Madrid takes the crown

Priya Paul says:

I love air Baltic’s C series

Ranvir Singh says:

do one on jet airways pls

Jason Johnson says:

Thank you Dennis. Great review. I am glad you had a great flight.

Gregory Baker says:

I flew on Tianjin’s first flight CS300 from DLC (Dalian) to Yantai near Qingdao-US Captain

PaK Muz says:

As usual interesting video. Thanks Dennis.

John Doe says:


Nikita says:

Hello, nice! Please, try Aeroflot’s SSJ100!!! It is really nice!

sean cox says:

The maximum of 20 kg is due to the small plane it’s a lot more important to be able to balance out the weights of the bags in the hold so as the plane is not front or rear heavy. Hope this helps love the vids

Tim says:

Great work again Dennis!!

Joel Worsley says:

Could you see the C-Series replacing the MD80s and 717s since it’s the perfect size

jr132 says:

Madrid airport is the worst. I was there in 2007 flying with Iberia and we had the same issue. Walking from terminal to terminal unable to identify where our flight was. What a mess.

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