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Ramsey Sil says:

That’s a business class? Dude you need a refund..lol!

jimbohr says:

my personal server…….wt&

GamingwithAnjelo says:

Swerte mo kuya. nice vid btw

Jeremy Brittain says:

Awesome video! Thank you for sharing.

John Paul says:

Hey, are you gonna miss me?
Alright. No dried mangoes for you.

Ashley Lamsin says:

kuya can i ask ?

Burian War says:

Good to know about philippines airlines. I have a plan to visit manila in this year. Im indonesian..

J Ner says:

Thats a huge plane Im never been in triple 7 the last time I ride a plane is sydney to manila but it is just a airbus a340

champ123 says:

andamot ng PAL. hinde man lng ibinigay seats sa iba. gulf air does.. my economy seat was upgraded to business during the flight without additional charge.

212 Kyte says:

this sucks. promoting that he could take a flight! yuk!

lowie lucero says:

Bakit na your brather didn’t go with you Poul?

Gian Paolo says:

What is the Song in 0:01 ?

Eloisa Furo says:

Hays. Nammimiss kona tuloy si papa. Sa UAE sya e.

Jin Salanguste vlogs says:

guys is there a business class to bohol?

Thunder 555 says:

Were is Vancouver ???

Marie Antonette Ferrer says:

PAL needs to upgrade it’s business class, this is just way too outdated and it’s not at par to the competitive airline global standards these days. I would probably consider this as premium economy.

Nintendo Dude Ryan says:

Are You Chinese? Because Ako Din Chinese Eh.. You Just Said “Shobe” And “Shoti” Naman Kung Male. Lol

Yhel Ricz says:

pilot kayo sir?

Vanessa Aquintes says:

its Nice,sana may part 2 pa po kuya

Mel Aranas says:

Poul good to see you again. You have grown so much from the last time I watched your vlog. Say hello to your brother Ocean.

Mercy Lou Danlag says:

his handsome

Water Flame 79 says:

Roger roger niner niner XD lol

Mahal Kita says:

good looking geek, i must say… 🙂

Doreen Salero says:

Can you bring your own food in the plane?

kirstine colleen buzon says:

You forgot to tap the plane

mahal ko ikaw lng says:

Ask ko lang po kapag pumasok ba sa mabuhay lounge may bayad???

OptimusOne says:

Did you say “fon blades?”

xiumin baby says:


Sir King kai kai KAI says:

I go to the same yvr

Dudz Selorio says:

Poul your vlog is very educational and entertaining marami n ako natutunan s mga video mo if ever n maka travel ako s ibang bansa may guide n ako tru your videos thanks a lot for sharing a video of yours its a big help for a first timer like me God bless you and soar high poul…..

Orange9098 says:

Very good review! Houston will soon fly here from PAL! So happy for them!

K P says:

lol, kinda feels weird watching this since i work at YVR. >.<

Bal Vargas says:

Eh bro..sub to sub.thanks

I am Canasa says:

Nakakahilo ba sumakay ng airplane?

trishakitten says:

How much upgrade to business class?

ben tumbling says:

ang laki mo na, ikaw yung taga Uste di ba? i my self a tomasino, you have a little sister now? hope you pursue of being a pilot someday? i did watch your VLOG before, at the same time, that is the time i migrated to canada, it is a dissapointment and regret for me going to canada here bc canada, i still like my life in philippines, it is more comfortable, there is nothing here in canada to me, except for the cold weather, now planning to migrate to U.S.

dinz Sorsano says:

gusto ko din mag pilot

Gamerboy playz says:


Poul Go says:



That’s pretty sad for business class, it looks like a plane from the 80’s.

John Oliman says:

Nakakamiss na yung mga ganito mong vlog….. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

John Paul Baldoria says:

Dude! Why can’t I stop freaking watching this? huhuhu makes me missing the philippines 🙁

music201035 says:

How much mabuhay miles do u have now?

Penn P says:


Aj Martinez says:

it’s good pero sana mag tagalog k din since babalik k ng pinas pero I like your style of vlogging ☺☺

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